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Highly customizable spawner stacking and boosting plugin, which gives you seemingly unlimited editing and creation possibilities.

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Hoppers take on a total upgrade, having features that allow for automatic selling, wireless far-distance item transferring, wide area collection, and much more.

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Players can now have extremely efficient farms; this plugin allows for faster crop growth, automatic replanting, the harvesting and storage of materials, and more.

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A cool new experience for players to farm, grind, and much more. No redstone required.

Learn more about EpicDispensers' features


Use buckets to generate blocks and structures in a wide range of speeds and directions. Perfect for factions!

Learn more about EpicBuckets' features


Powerful, next-level furnaces with unique perks and upgrades. Bring an entire new range of use to your average furnaces.

Learn more about EpicFurnaces' features


Search through over 19,000 artistic and unique heads, which are perfect for playful perks or decorations in professional build projects.

Learn more about EpicHeads' features


Create wildly strong and highly customizable bosses for your players to battle.

Learn more about EpicBosses' features


Create different kinds of vouchers that your players can redeem for rewards and other customizable options.

Learn more about EpicVouchers' features


Give your players a purchasable way to keep their chunks loaded remotely for a limited amount of time.

Learn more about EpicAnchors' features


Give your players the opportunity to prove that they're the best on the server by implementing a killstreak system.

Learn more about EpicKillstreaks' features


Implement a new way to reward, test, and challenge your most dedicated players with a creative leveling and rewards system.

Learn more about EpicLevels' features


EpicEnchants is coming soon! 

Learn more about EpicEnchants' features


EpicCosmetics is coming soon! 

Learn more about EpicCosmetics' features


EpicShop is coming soon!

Learn more about EpicShop's features


Introduce a powerful and intuitive system that allows players to preview and purchase delicately crafted kits.

Learn more about UltimateKits' features


Brings together the stacking of items, entities, and spawners all into a single well-crafted and well-performing package.

Learn more about UltimateStacker's features


Allow your players to repair their items in a unique, graphical, and intuitive way.

Learn more about UltimateRepairing's features


Give your players a new, entertaining, and highly customizable way to chop down trees.

Learn more about UltimateTimber's features


Take complete control over your server with a refined, powerful moderation and punishment system.

Learn more about UltimateModeration's features


UltimateBottles is coming soon!

Learn more about UltimateBottles' features


Battle against rival Kingdoms for Land, Might, and Glory.

Learn more about FabledKingdoms's features


Use your creativity to build and create magnificent floating islands, starting with minimal resources and building your way to success.

Learn more about FabledSkyBlock's features