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Create different kinds of vouchers that your players can redeem for rewards and other customizable options.
Part of the Epic Series.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

To install Epic Vouchers you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add in the latest version of Epic Vouchers which you can find in our marketplace.
  4. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files[edit | edit source]



Commands and Permissions[edit | edit source]

Command Description Permission Node
/ev Displays the basic help menu for EpicVouchers. Default
/ev editor Opens the in-game voucher editor. epicvouchers.admin
/ev force [player] [voucher] [amount] Force someone to redeem a specific voucher.
/ev forceall [voucher] [amount] Force everyone to redeem a specific voucher.
/ev give [player] [voucher] [amount] Give a specific player a specific voucher.
/ev giveall [voucher] [amount] Give everyone a specific voucher.
/ev list Allows the user to list all vouchers.
/ev reload Reloads the Configuration and Language files for EpicVouchers.

Placeholders[edit | edit source]

Placeholder Description
%player% Shows the name of the player who received and opened the voucher.
%voucher% Shows the name of the voucher that was given to the player.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Build 2.1.15

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

How do I disable the confirmation GUI?

How can I allow everyone to use a voucher without permission?