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How to customize GUIs[edit | edit source]

How to show the keys in a GUI?[edit | edit source]

You will need to Shift + Right-click a few times in any GUI (requires the permission songoda.admin) until a chat prompt appears, saying that the keys are now shown. Once you have correctly done this step, you will now have access to view the keys in the GUI. Keys are displayed in purple text directly below the name of the item, in the lore section when you hover over an item in the GUI.

How to view GUI keys

How to generate the GUI file?[edit | edit source]

You will need to run any command that opens a GUI (Example: "/uf leaderboard"). After running the command, a new folder will be generated in the main folder for that plugin called "GUI" that will hold a file for each GUI that is customizable after you open the GUI at least once in-game.

How to generate the GUI file in-game

Different aspects of the file[edit | edit source]

Key types[edit | edit source]

Key Type Description File Image
__DEFAULT__ This key is used to edit the background items in a GUI.
1 overrides:
2   __DEFAULT__:
__ROWS__ This key gives the ability to add more rows to a GUI. (Max 6 rows in total)
1 overrides:
2   __ROWS__: 6
mirrorfill_<number> This key is used for all mirrorfills (glass around the border of the GUI). This key requires a special syntax to edit.

"mirrorcol:" This option will change all the mirrorfills with that key in the column.
"mirrorrow:" This option will change all the mirrorfills with that key in the row.

1 overrides:
2   mirrorfill_1:
4     mirrorcol: true
5     mirrorrow: true
custom_<name> This key will allow you to add custom items to the GUI. To add custom items, you must start the key with custom_
 1 overrides:
 2   custom_leaderboard_information:
 3     item: PAPER
 4     row: 0
 5     col: 3
 6     title: '&6Title'
 7     lore:
 8     - ''
 9     - '&eThis gui is meant'
10     - '&eto show the leaderboard'
11     - '&eabout player fishing'

Different syntax

<key> This is for any keys that you see in the GUI.In the example below, the item in the GUI with the "weight" key is being edited.
1 overrides:
2   weight:
3     item: SIGN
4     row: 5
5     col: 4

How to use the disable function[edit | edit source]

In this section of the file, you can disable keys. When a key is disabled, all items in the GUI with that key will be removed.

1 disabled:
2 - disablekey1
3 - disablekey2
4 - disablekey3

How to define the slot position in GUIs[edit | edit source]

There are two ways to define the position of and item in the GUI.
The first way is by using the position variable.
The second way is by using the row and col variables.

Using postion

Using row and col

Some examples of how you can customize GUIs[edit | edit source]

In this section, you can find a few examples of what you can do with customization.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Default gui file

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