EpicAnchors allows your players to keep chunks loaded for a limited amount of time allowing redstone machines, mob grinders, spawners, and hoppers to all remain activated while the player is either out of normal range or offline.


Installing EpicAnchors is usually quite a breeze. However, there are a few things you should look out for in order to help troubleshoot if a problem is to occur.

Most importantly, EpicAnchors depends on Arconix, which you can download here. It is programmed to auto-update as well as auto-install on your first load of EpicAnchors. However, if this does not work correctly, you will need to download and install it manually.

Other than that just throw the latest version of EpicAnchors into your plugins directory, grab the latest version of Vault and you're good to go!


Keeps chunks Loaded - Placing down the Anchor keeps the one chunk that its placed in loaded even when you're not online

Time Upgrades - Able to add time easily 

Plugin Features How to's

Keeping Chunks Loaded: You are able to keep your chunks loaded by placing down the end portal frame which will keep your chunks loaded

Time addons: You are able to add more time to your Anchor by right-clicking your anchor and you can buy time with either Eco money on your server or using Exp

Spawners: Spawners will be loaded if you use the plugin EpicSpawners. Mobs will continue to spawn in the chunk as long as there is time on the anchor.You can purchase a copy here.


EAdefaultDisplays information about the plugin./ea
EA GiveEpicHoppers.AdminGives an operator the ability to spawn a ChunkAnchor of his or her choice./ea give <player> <amount in hours>
EA ReloadEpicAnchors.AdminReloads the Configuration and Language files./ea reload


epicanchors.viewAllows the player to use and open the anchor GUI
epicanchors.upgrade.ecoAllows you to add time to the anchor using Eco money
epicanchors.upgrade.xpAllows you to add time to the anchor using xp
epicanchors.adminAllows use of admin commands

Default Config

Name-Tag: '&eAnchor &8(&7{REMAINING}&8)'
Anchor-Lore: '&7Place down to keep that chunk|&7loaded until the time runs out.'
Anchor Block Material: END_PORTAL_FRAME
Add Time With Economy: true
Economy Cost: 5000.0
Add Time With XP: true
XP Cost: 10
Allow Anchor Breaking: false
Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
Glass Type 1: 7
Glass Type 2: 11
Glass Type 3: 3
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