Description and Installation

EpicAnchors allows your players to keep chunks loaded for a limited amount of time allowing redstone machines, mob grinders, spawners, and hoppers to all remain activated while the player is either out of normal range or offline.

Download EpicAnchors on our Discord. Make sure to select the correct download for your server version.

Stop your server, drag and drop EpicAnchor.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server. The plugin should now be loaded and the files should have been created.

EpicAnchors requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all features.

Plugin Features

  • Chunk loading: Keep chunks loaded whilst you're away.
  • Upgradable: Upgrade the length of the anchor with economy.
  • Settings: Change settings from in-game.

Supported Plugins

  • EpicSpawners

EpicAnchors is made to specifically work with EpicSpawners, no other Spawner plugin OR vanilla spawner is supported.

Plugin tutorial

Coming soon!

Commands + Permissions

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/eaepicanchors.viewDisplays information about the plugin.
/ea give <player> <amount in hours>epichoppers.adminGives an operator the ability to spawn an EpicAnchor of his or her choice.
/ea reloadepichoppers.adminReloads the Configuration and Language files.

epicanchors.upgrade.ecoAllows you to add time to the anchor using money.

epicanchors.upgrade.xpAllows you to add time to the anchor using XP.

epicanchors.adminAllows use of admin commands.

Plugin files

  Name-Tag: '&eAnchor &8(&7{REMAINING}&8)'
  Anchor-Lore: '&7Place down to keep that chunk|&7loaded until the time runs out.'
  Anchor Block Material: END_PORTAL_FRAME
  Add Time With Economy: true
  Economy Cost: 5000.0
  Add Time With XP: true
  XP Cost: 10
  Allow Anchor Breaking: false
  Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3

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