Looking for a plugin to give you and your players well then EpicBosses is just what you're looking for! This plugin gives you all the extra difficulty you are wanting for bosses. Also, an added bonus you are able to create your bosses ranging from the mob to what its health is. We gave you full custom ability with this plugin! So get ongoing and download the plugin and get creating!


Just put the EpicBosses jar file into your plugins folder, restart your server and you're good to go!

Most importantly, EpicBosses depends on Vault, which you can download here.


  • Custom Bosses - You are able to custom make your bosses 100%
  • Custom Skills - You are able to make your bosses skills in-game or in the skills file
  • Rewards - Make your drop tables for your players who place in the top 3 in damage 
  • Easy GUI - The GUI makes all editing easy and convenient 
  • Auto Spawning - You are able to set up for the bosses to auto spawn around the world to your liking

Plugin Features How to's

  1. Bosses: You are able to create your bosses by starting in the GUI or by command and you can pick its name and the mob to your choosing.
  2. Skills: After you have created a boss or your wanting to edit the default boss's skills in-game at ease
  3. Rewards: You are able to edit the drops to your liking and you can have it be dropped three different ways: Give (Gives rewards to the players' inventory), Drop (Drops the items on the bosses death location), Spray(Drops the items around randomly).
  4. GUI: The GUI makes editing your bosses with ease and can be accessed with the command /boss menu
  5. Spawning: You are able to set up auto spawning for your bosses to spawn around the world naturally
  6. Mob Drop Types:
    1. Spray - Releases the drop(s) in a big range. Sprays them, literally. 
    2. Drop - Drops it where it dies or predefined location I think not sure about if you can set locations 
    3. Give - Upon death sends directly into player(s) inventories


epicboss helpDefaultDisplays boss commands./boss help (page)
epicboss createOPStart the creation of a boss./boss create [name] [entity]
epicboss editOPEdit the specified boss./boss edit (name)
epicboss infoOPShows information on the specified boss./boss info [name]
epicboss nearbyOPShows the nearby bosses./boss nearby (radius)
epicboss reloadOPReloads the boss plugin./boss reload
epicboss killallOPKills all bosses/minions./boss killall (world)
epicboss spawnOP

Spawns a boss at your location or the specified location.

(Separate location with commas, an example is: world,0,100,0)

/boss spawn [name] (location)
epicboss timeOPShows the time left till next auto spawn./boss time (section)
epicboss droptableOPShows all current drop tables./boss droptable
epicboss itemsOPShows all current custom items./boss items
epicboss skillsOPShows all current set skills./boss skills
epicboss debugOPUsed to be given a spawn item of the boss./boss debug
epicboss giveeggOPShows all the list of current boss entities./boss giveegg
epicboss listOPShows all the list of current boss entities./boss list
epicboss menuOPShows you all the options for you to edit your bosses./boss menu
epicboss shopOPBrings up the shop menu you for your players to buy the spawn eggs for themselves./boss shop


boss.adminGeneral command permission
boss.createAccess to create a boss via the command and GUIs
boss.editAbility to edit the boss in-game
boss.debugAbility to toggle debug mode in-game
boss.giveAccess to give someone an egg via the /boss giveegg command
boss.reload Access to reload the plugin
boss.nearbyAccess to the /boss nearby command
boss.shopAccess to /boss shop to buy spawn eggs
boss.helpAccess to /boss help (boss.admin also works for this)
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