Description and Installation

EpicFarming changes the way that you and your players handle farming. You can grow your crops faster, grow them without water, automatically store the materials in storage, have crops replant themselves, and more! These are all achievable with simple and intuitive farm upgrades.

Download EpicFarming on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the EpicFarming.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

EpicFarming requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.



  • Upgrade: Allow your players to upgrade their farms to boost their stats and efficiency.
  • Auto-Harvest: The farm automatically harvests crops and animals.
  • Auto-Breeding: The farm can automatically breed animals.
  • Auto-Replant: The farm can automatically replant crops.
  • Anti-Trample: Prevent your crops from being trampled.
  • Tick-Speed: Control and limit how fast crops can grow.
  • No water: Your farms will no longer require water, as it is a built-in feature.

Commands + Permissions

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/efa helpDefaultOpens the help menu for EpicFarming.
/efa settingsepicfarming.adminConfigure some EpicFarming settings from an in-game admin GUI.
/efa reloadepicfarming.adminReloaded EpicFarming and it's configurations.
/efa givefarmitem [player]epicfarming.adminGive the specified player a farm item.
/efa boost <player> <multiplier> [m:minute, h:hour, d:day, y:year]epicfarming.adminBoost the specified players farm with a specific multiplier for a specified amount of time. Example: /efa boost Brianna 2 h:2 will boost for 2 hours.

epicfarming.viewAllows players to click on and open up the farm menu GUI.

epicfarming.upgrade.xpAllows players to upgrade their farm with XP.

epicfarming.upgrade.ecoAllows players to upgrade their farm with money.

epicfarming.adminGrants access to all admin commands and permissions for EpicFarming.

epicfarming.limit.<amount>Limits the player to only being able to have a specified amount of farms. Example: epicfarming.limit.5

Plugin Files

  Upgrade With Economy: true
  Upgrade With XP: true
  Upgrade Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
  Sounds Enabled: true
  Farm Tick Speed: 70
  Entity Tick Speed: 100
  Growth Tick Speed: 20
  Farm Block Material: TORCH
  Allow Non Command Issued Farm Items: false
  Auto Breeding Cap: 15
  Animate: true
  Disable Auto Til Land: false
  Activate Mysql Support: false
  Port: 3306
  Username: root
  Password: password
  Database Name: EpicFarming
  Prefix: EFA-
  Economy Icon: EXP_BOTTLE
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3
  Download Needed Data Files: true
  Language Mode: en_US
  Debugger Enabled: false
      Radius: 1
      Speed-Multiplier: 1
      Cost-xp: 20
      Cost-eco: 5000
      Radius: 2
      Speed-Multiplier: 1.5
      Auto-Harvest: true
      Cost-xp: 20
      Cost-eco: 5000
      Radius: 3
      Speed-Multiplier: 1.5
      Auto-Harvest: true
      Auto-Replant: true
      Auto-Breeding: true
      Cost-xp: 25
      Cost-eco: 7500
      Radius: 3
      Speed-Multiplier: 2
      Auto-Harvest: true
      Auto-Replant: true
      Auto-Breeding: true
      Cost-xp: 30
      Cost-eco: 10000
      Radius: 3
      Speed-Multiplier: 2.5
      Auto-Harvest: true
      Auto-Replant: true
      Auto-Breeding: true
      Cost-xp: 35
      Cost-eco: 12000
      Radius: 4
      Speed-Multiplier: 3
      Auto-Harvest: true
      Auto-Replant: true
      Auto-Breeding: true
      Cost-xp: 40
      Cost-eco: 25000

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I upgrade my farms?

You are able to upgrade your farms by right-clicking the end-rod and you have a choice of using XP. or money. This will allow your farms to increase its range and other features that Epic Farming allows it to do. You are also able to change the settings for the farms on what each level will give upon each level up.

 How do I make my farm auto-harvest?

The farms or the animal drops in the range of the farm will automatically be transferred to the farm's inventory. You are able to access this by left-clicking your farm and this will bring up a GUI with your items available for pickup.

 How do I set my farm to auto breed?

Put the dedicated item required to breed an animal in the farm inventory, it will then use those items to breed nearby animals. For example wheat for cows, carrots for pigs, etc.

 How do I make my farm auto-replant?

The farm will automatically replant if it has a seed in it's farm inventory. For example seeds for wheat, carrots for carrots, potatoes for potatoes, etc.

Available Translations

We offer translated versions of this plugin!  In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.

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