EpicFarming changes the way you and your players handle farming. You can grow your crops faster, grow them without water, automatically store the produce in a chest while replanting the seeds, and more all achievable with simple and intuitive farm upgrades.


Just put the EpicFarming jar file into your plugins folder, restart your server and you're good to go!


  • Upgrades - Able to upgrade your farms allowing them to get a boost in stats
  • Auto-Harvest - Harvests your farms for you and animals automatically 
  • Auto-Breeding - Breeds your animals automatically
  • Auto-Replant - Replants your crops automatically

Plugin Features How to's

  1. Upgrading: You are able to upgrade your farms by right-clicking the end-rod and you have a choice of using Exp. or Eco-Money. This will allow your farms to increase its range and other features that Epic Farming allows it to do. You are also able to change the settings for the farms on what each level will give upon each level up.
  2. Auto-Harvesting: The farms or the animal drops in the range of the farm will automatically be transferred to the farm's inventory. You are able to access this by left-clicking your farm and will bring up a GUI with your items available for pickup.
  3. Auto-Breeding: Uses the items that are needed for breeding of the animals in the farm. For example, you have cows in the farm area and wheat is located in the farm's inventory then it will use the wheat and breed them.
  4. Auto-Replanting: Will replant the crops on its own as long as it has seeds in the farm's inventory.


EFA Help(default)View information about EpicFarming/efa help
EFA Settingsepicfarming.adminEdit EpicFarming settings from an in-game GUI/efa settings
EFA Reloadepicfarming.adminReloads the configuration and language files./efa reload
EFA GiveFarmItemepicfarming.adminAdds a farm object to your inventory./efa givefarmitem [player]


epicfarming.viewAllows players to click on and open up the farm menu GUI.
epicfarming.upgrade.xpAllows upgrading using exp.
epicfarming.upgrade.ecoAllows upgrading using economy.


Allows use of admin commands.
epicfarming.limit.5Sets limit to how many farms can be placed.


# requires redstone power to get exports from tanks
# eg. putting out fire, removing effects etc
item-name: '&bLiquid Tank'
amount-per-chunk: 16
enable-permission: false
water-amount: 30
lava-amount: 30
milk-amount: 30
mushroomStew-amount: 10
rabbitStew-amount: 10
dragonBreath-amount: 30
beetroot-amount: 10
need-redstone-for-export: true
water-fountains-enabled: true
Upgrade With Economy: true
Upgrade With XP: true
Upgrade Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
Sounds Enabled: true
Farm Tick Speed: 70
Entity Tick Speed: 100
Growth Tick Speed: 20
Farm Block Material: END_ROD
Allow Non Command Issued Farm Items: false
Auto Breeding Cap: 15
Animate: true
Disable Auto Til Land: false
Activate Mysql Support: false
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: password
Database Name: EpicFarming
Prefix: EFA-
Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
Glass Type 1: 7
Glass Type 2: 11
Glass Type 3: 3
Download Needed Data Files: true
Language Mode: en_US
Debugger Enabled: false
Radius: 1
Speed-Multiplier: 1
Cost-xp: 20
Cost-eco: 5000
Radius: 2
Speed-Multiplier: 1.5
Auto-Harvest: true
Cost-xp: 20
Cost-eco: 5000
Radius: 3
Speed-Multiplier: 1.5
Auto-Harvest: true
Auto-Replant: true
Auto-Breeding: true
Cost-xp: 25
Cost-eco: 7500
Radius: 3
Speed-Multiplier: 2
Auto-Harvest: true
Auto-Replant: true
Auto-Breeding: true
Cost-xp: 30
Cost-eco: 10000
Radius: 3
Speed-Multiplier: 2.5
Auto-Harvest: true
Auto-Replant: true
Auto-Breeding: true
Cost-xp: 35
Cost-eco: 12000
Radius: 4
Speed-Multiplier: 3
Auto-Harvest: true
Auto-Replant: true
Auto-Breeding: true
Cost-xp: 40
Cost-eco: 25000

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