Description and Installation

EpicFurnaces brings your furnaces to the next level, allowing you to upgrade and improve your furnaces with unique perks.

Download EpicFurnaces on our Marketplace. Make sure to select the correct download for your server version.

Stop your server, drag and drop EpicFurnaces.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server. The plugin should now be loaded and the files should have been created.

EpicFurnaces requires Holographic Displays, an economy manager and Vault to utilize all features.


  • Upgrades and Perks: Upgrade your furnaces by increasing the smelt speed and number of items per smelt.
  • Overheating: Make furnaces smelt snow around them.
  • Fuel Sharing: Allow multiple furnaces to use one fuel source.
  • Remote Access: Access your furnaces from a distance with a simple command
  • Custom Smelting Recipes: Allow people to smelt certain items into others. (Ex.: Smelt 1 Diamond pickaxe → 3 Diamond)

Commands + Permissions

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/efDefaultDisplay the plugin information.
/ef reloadOperatorReloads the Configuration and Language files.
/ef remote <furnacename>epicfurnaces.remoteAllows the user to remotely access their named furnace.
/ef give <player> <level>OperatorAllows you to give the specified player an EpicFurnace with a defined level.
/ef boost <player> <multiplier> <m:minute, h:hour, d:day, y:year>OperatorAllows you to boost the specified player's EpicFurnaces with a defined multiplier for a specific amount of time.

epicfurnaces.overviewAllows the user to access the basic features of EpicFurnaces.

epicfurnaces.bypassAllows the user to bypass the restrictions of EpicFurnaces.

epicfurnaces.upgrade.*Allows the user to upgrade their furnaces with both XP and money.

epicfurnaces.upgrade.ecoAllows the user to only upgrade their furnaces with money.

epicfurnaces.upgrade.xpAllows the user to only upgrade their furnaces with XP.

Plugin Files

  Sounds Enabled: true
  Hologram in front: false
  Upgrade By Smelting Materials: true
  Upgrade With Economy: true
  Upgrade With XP: true
  Level Cost Multiplier: 50
  Remember Furnace Item Levels: true
  Furnaces Have Holograms: true
  Redstone Deactivates Furnaces: true
  Furnace Upgrade Cost: IRON_INGOT
  Use Custom Recipes: true
  No Rewards From Custom Recipes: true
  Upgrade Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
  Access Furnaces Remotely: true
  Furnace Tick Speed: 10
  Auto Save Interval In Seconds: 15
  Overheat Particles: true
  Reward Icon: GOLDEN_APPLE
  Performance Icon: REDSTONE
  FuelShare Icon: COAL_BLOCK
  FuelDuration Icon: COAL
  Overheat Icon: FIRE_CHARGE
  Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3
  Replace Glass Type 1 With Rainbow Glass: false
  Activate Mysql Support: false
  Port: 3306
  Database Name: EpicFurnaces
  Prefix: EF-
  Download Needed Data Files: true
  Language Mode: en_US
  Debugger Enabled: false
      Performance: 10%
      Reward: 10%:1
      Cost-xp: 20
      Cost-eco: 5000
      Performance: 25%
      Reward: 20%:1-2
      Cost-xp: 25
      Cost-eco: 7500
      Performance: 40%
      Reward: 35%:2-3
      Fuel-duration: 10%
      Cost-xp: 30
      Cost-eco: 10000
      Performance: 55%
      Reward: 50%:2-4
      Fuel-duration: 25%
      Cost-xp: 35
      Cost-eco: 12000
      Performance: 75%
      Reward: 70%:3-4
      Fuel-duration: 45%
      Overheat: 1
      Cost-xp: 40
      Cost-eco: 15000
      Performance: 75%
      Reward: 70%:3-4
      Fuel-duration: 45%
      Overheat: 2
      Fuel-share: 1
      Cost-xp: 40
      Cost-eco: 15000

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I upgrade my EpicFurnace?

You are able to upgrade your hoppers by left-clicking the furnace and you have a choice, using XP or money. This will allow your furnace to increase it's range and other features that EpicFurnaces allows it to do. You are also able to change the settings for the furnaces on what each level will give upon each level up.

 How does fuel sharing work?

If you have a furnace with the fuel share perk active, it will automatically power other furnaces in it's range.

 How do I remotely access my EpicFurnace?

To use this feature you will need to name your furnace by hovering over the tripwire and right clicking on it to set it's name. Then to fully utilize EpicFurnace's remote feature you will need to use the command /ef remote <furnacename>.

 How do I add a custom smelting recipe?

You can add, remove or change any custom recipes in the recipes.yml.

Still need help?

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