Search over 17,000 unique, artistic heads which are perfect for builders and servers with the nice EpicHeads resource.

EpicHeads has a massive range of heads! A list of the categories can be found below.

  • Alphabet (3984)
  • Animals (832)
  • Blocks (474)
  • Monsters (2794
  • Humans (4279)
  • Games (113)
  • Misc (743)
  • Food (1091)
  • Interior (2738)


Installing EpicHeads is usually quite a breeze. However, there are a few things you should look out for in order to help troubleshoot if a problem is to occur.

Just like many other plugins, all you need to do is drag and drop EpicHeads jar file along with the latest version of Vault and you're good to go! 


  • Ease of use - EpicHeads takes pride in how easy it is for you to use the plugin and through the GUI menu
  • Variety - EpicHeads provides you with a bunch of heads of all different sorts

Plugin Features How to's

  1. Eco set up: You are able to set up the prices with the heads by using the command and setting the price then and there.
  2. Head Restriction: You are able to restrict/remove heads from the menu with a simple command 
  3. Alphabetical order: All of our heads in the plugin are listed in alphabetical order so you can find what you're looking for with ease


headsepicheads.menuHeads menu will open with the categories as shown in the screenshots./heads
heads search (query)epicheads.searchSearch for accurate heads quickly based on your query parameters./heads search (query
heads get (name)epicheads.getGet a specific head from a player or a mob based on the head name./head get (name)
heads reloadepicheads.reloadReload all files instantly or create them if they do not exist or corrupted./heads reload
heads add (name) (category) (displayname)epicheads.addAdd a specific custom head into a category (creates it if it does not exist).heads add (name) (category) (displayname)
heads hand (category) (name)epicheads.handAdd the head in your hand into a category (creates if it does not exist).heads hand (category) (name)
heads removeepicheads.removeRemove menu will open to manually remove, disable and delete heads.heads remove
heads random (player)epicheads.randomGives the online player from the parameter a random head from the menu.heads random (player)
heads cost (amount)epicheads.costThe economy menu will open where you can set the price for specific heads.heads cost (amount)
heads rename (name)epicheads.renameRename menu will open where you can rename the head from the menu.heads rename (name)
heads idepicheads.giveGives the online player from the parameter a head from your parameters.heads id
heads categorycost (amount)epicheads.categorycostThe economy menu will open to let you set a cost for a category you select.heads categorycost (amount)


epicheads.category.(category)This permission will allow you to give a player access to a certain category you allow.
epicheads.bypasscostThis permission will allow you to exempt players from paying for their heads


hide-no-perm-categories: true
free-in-creative: false
enabled: false
default-head-cost: 0
enabled: true
enabled: false
type: player_head
name: '&6Player Head Token'
- '&8Use in /EpicHeads!'
enabled: false
enabled: true
attempt-hook-blockstore: true
similar-heads-in-cache: true
default-name: Decoration Head
label: EpicHeads
- heads
description: Get cool heads
get: get
search: search
random: random
help: help
add: add
hand: hand
remove: remove
rename: rename
give: give
cost: cost
category-cost: categorycost
item-eco: itemeco
id: id
reload: reload
check-for-updates: true

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