Description and Installation

EpicHeads offers over 20,000 unique, artistic heads accessible through a GUI with optional economy support!  Perfect for builders and creative servers.

Download EpicHeads on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the EpicHeads.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

EpicHeads requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.


Plugin Features

  • Thousands of Heads: EpicHeads features over 20,000 heads.
  • Categories: EpicHeads categorizes all of its heads, so there will be no problem finding the head that suits your needs.
  • Search: Need a specific head but don't want to browse the GUI? Search for one instead!
  • Economy Support: Option to charge users for obtaining heads by using your economy.
  • GUI Based: There's no more need for commands; get a preview of the heads as you browse through the categories.
  • Head Restriction: Restrict or remove heads from the menu.

Incompatible Plugins

  • SlimeFun

Commands + Permissions

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/headsepicheads.menuOpens the menu that displays all categories and heads.
/heads helpDefaultDisplays the help menu.
/heads settingsepicheads.adminOpens the settings editor.
/heads reloadepicheads.adminReload all files instantly or create them if they do not exist or corrupted.
/heads give <player/all> <global/local> <head_id>epicheads.giveGives the specified player the specified amount of heads.
/heads base64epicheads.base64Gives you the base64 code of the head you are holding.
/heads urlepicheads.urlGives you the texture url for the head you are holding.
/heads givetoken <player> <amount>epicheads.givetokenGives the player a specified amount of player head tokens.
/heads add <url> <name> <category>epicheads.addAdds a head to your local database. Including a category that does not exist will create new category. Make sure to use underscores and now spaces.

epicheads.category.<category>This permission allows you to give a player access to a specific category.


This permission will allow players to bypass the cost for buying a head.

Plugin Files

# General settings and options.
  # The amount of time in between saving to file.
  # This is purely a safety function to prevent against unplanned crashes or
  # restarts. With that said it is advised to keep this enabled.
  # If however you enjoy living on the edge, feel free to turn it off.
  Auto Save Interval In Seconds: 15
  # This is the discord button displayed in the main GUI
  # Clicking this button will bring you to a discord where you can
  # add or remove heads to the global library this plugin uses.
  # AS well as get updates on future releases and features.
  Show Discord Button: true
  # Enabling this will make it so that a player can get all heads
  # for free as long as they are in the creative game mode.
  Heads Free In Creative Mode: false
  # Should heads drop after a monster is killed?
  Drop Mob Heads: true
  # Should a players drop their head on death?
  Drop Player Heads: true
  # When a player or monster is killed what should be
  # the chance that their head drops?
  Head Drop Chance: 25%
  # These are head ID's from the global database that are disabled.
  # By default this is filled with non existent ID's.
  Disabled Global Heads:
  - 34567
  - 34568
  - 34569

# These settings allow you to alter the way interfaces look.
# They are used in GUI's to make paterns, change them up then open up a
# GUI to see how it works.
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3

# Settings regarding economy.
# Only one economy option can be used at a time. If you enable more than
# one of these the first one will be used.
  # The cost the of the head. If you wan't to use PlayerPoints
  # or item tokens you need to use whole numbers.
  Head Cost: 24.99
  # Should Vault be used?
  Use Vault Economy: true
  # Should PlayerPoints be used?
  Use Player Points Economy: false
  # Should item tokens be used?
  Use Item Economy: false

  # Item token options.
    # Which item material type should be used?
    # You can use any of the materials from the following link:
    # If a player head is used as the token which head ID should be used?
    # This can be any head from the global database.
    Head ID: 14395
    # What should the token be named?
    Name: '&6Player Head Token'
    # What should the tokens lore be?
    - '&8Use in /Heads!'

# System related settings.
  # The enabled language file.
  # More language files (if available) can be found in the plugins data folder.
  Language Mode: en_US

Frequently Asked Questions

 I see a head that needs a correction, or I want to add new ones! What should I do?

We have a Discord server, separate from our main one, that is dedicated to EpicHeads.  In the server, you can submit corrections if you see a head that's in the wrong place, or isn't named quite right - and you can participate in adding more and more heads for everyone to use!  You can find the EpicHeads' Discord server HERE!

Available Translations

We offer translated versions of this plugin!  In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.

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Language code


Still need help?

Couldn't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on our Discord or Service Desk!

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