Description and Installation

Ever felt like hoppers could be better? Look no further as EpicHoppers will fulfill all your hopper needs. Great for automatic farms!

Download EpicHoppers on our Marketplace. Make sure to select the correct download for your server version.

Stop your server, drag and drop EpicHoppers.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server. The plugin should now be loaded and the files should have been created.

EpicHoppers requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all features.


  • Upgrade: Upgrade your hoppers to be better, faster and stronger!
  • Auto Crafting: Setup autocrafting to automatically craft items as the requirements are going through the hopper.
  • Auto Selling: Automatically sell what goes in the hopper.
  • Teleporting: Teleport between two EpicHoppers by crouching on them.
  • Suction: Suck items around the hopper straight into it.
  • Linking: Link hoppers to chest over distances.
  • Block breaking: Automatically allow hoppers to break blocks above them.

Supported Plugins

The following plugins are supported by EpicHoppers. Currently, EpicHoppers only respects the build permissions on islands, factions, regions and so on. 

  • Factions / FactionsUUID
  • ASkyBlock / USkyblock / FabledSkyblock
  • WorldGuard
  • GriefPrevention
  • PlotSquared
  • Kingdoms
  • Towny

If you would like more plugins to be supported please create a feature request on our service desk.

Frequently asked questions

 How do I upgrade my EpicHopper?

You are able to upgrade your hoppers by left-clicking the hopper and you have a choice using Exp. or Eco-Money. This will allow your hopper to increase its range and other features that Epic Hoppers allows it to do. You are also able to change the settings for the hoppers on what each level will give upon each level up.

 How to use Sync-touch

This feature allows you to have items instantly transfer to a chest that you have linked your pickaxe to as soon as you break a block. You start off by using the command /eh book (name) this will give you an enchant book that says Synch Touch. Now to apply the enchant on your tool of your choosing you will need to pick up the book and left click it on your tool. After your Synch touch has been applied hold it in your hand and left click a chest to link or unlink your pickaxe and it will notify you in the chat as well.

 How do I link?

You are able to link your hopper by clicking the option in the GUI to start the linking process. When you click the option you are given a limited amount of time to link your hopper by right-clicking a chest and it will say in chat that your link was successful.

 How to setup autocrafting

Auto Crafting is pretty much self-explanatory it allows you to configure the hopper with an item for it to craft for you when it has the items within the hoppers inventory. You set the item of your choosing by selecting the crafting table in the GUI menu (unlocked when the hopper reaches level seven by default). It will provide you with one slot to place the item you want to be crafted. When the hopper has been set up any items that are put into the hopper and you have enough to craft the item it will auto craft it for you.

 What is suction?

This will make your hopper vacuum up items in the radius has (default is at level 3 with a radius of 1). You are able to change this in the hoppers settings in the config.

Commands + Permissions

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/eh helpDefaultDisplays the help menu of EpicHoppers.
/eh book [player]epichoppers.adminGive yourself or another player an enchanted book for Sync Touch
/eh settingsepichoppers.adminOpens the admin GUI to change the settings of EpicHoppers.
/eh give [player] [level]epichoppers.adminGive yourself or another player a EpicHopper with a defined level.
/eh reloadepichoppers.adminReload the plugin's configuration.

epichoppers.overrideAllows you to override the range.

epichoppers.overviewAllows you to use EpicHoppers.

epichoppers.teleportAllows players to use the teleport button in the hopper interface without the need to upgrade their hoppers for it.

epichoppers.adminBypass all plugin restrictions and grants access to all admin commands for EpicHoppers.

epichoppers.bypassGiving this permission to a player will allow them to bypass build/interact restrictions within EpicHoppers.

epichoppers.upgrade.ecoAllows the user to upgrade an EpicHopper using money.

epichoppers.upgrade.XPAllows the user to upgrade an EpicHopper using XP.

epichoppers.filterAllows players to use the Filter without the need to upgrade their hoppers for it.

epichoppers.craftingAllows players to use AutoCrafting without the need to upgrade their hoppers for it.

epichoppers.limit.amtWith this you can specify the amount of hoppers a player may place per chunk by replacing the word “amt” with the desired limit.

Plugin Files

  Replace Glass Type 1 With Rainbow Glass: false
  Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3
  Download Needed Data Files: true
  Language Mode: en_US
  Debugger Enabled: false
  Allow hopper Upgrading: true
  Upgrade With Economy: true
  Upgrade With XP: true
  Allow Players To Teleport Through Hoppers: true
  Support Enderchests: true
  Upgrade Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
  Amount of Ticks Between Hops: 8
  Auto Save Interval In Seconds: 15
  Amount of Ticks Between Teleport: 10
  Timeout When Syncing Hoppers: 300
  Max Hoppers Per Chunk: -1
  Display Helpful Tips For Operators: true
  Sounds Enabled: true
  BlockBreak Particle Type: LAVA
  BlockBreak Blacklisted Blocks:
  AutoSell Prices:
  - STONE,0.50
  - IRON_ORE,0.35
  - COAL_ORE,0.20
  Activate Mysql Support: false
  Port: 3306
  Database Name: EpicHoppers
  Prefix: EH-

  Range: 10
  Amount: 1
  Cost-xp: 20
  Cost-eco: 5000
  Range: 20
  Amount: 2
  Cost-xp: 25
  Cost-eco: 7500
  Range: 30
  Amount: 3
  Suction: 1
  Cost-xp: 30
  Link-amount: 2
  Cost-eco: 10000
  Range: 40
  Amount: 4
  Suction: 2
  Link-amount: 2
  BlockBreak: 4
  Cost-xp: 35
  Cost-eco: 12000
  Range: 50
  Amount: 5
  Suction: 3
  BlockBreak: 2
  Link-amount: 3
  Cost-xp: 40
  Cost-eco: 15000
  Range: 60
  Amount: 5
  Suction: 3
  BlockBreak: 2
  Filter: true
  Teleport: true
  AutoSell: 60
  Link-amount: 3
  Cost-xp: 45
  Cost-eco: 20000
  Range: 70
  Amount: 5
  Suction: 3
  BlockBreak: 2
  Filter: true
  Teleport: true
  AutoSell: 30
  AutoCrafting: true
  Link-amount: 4
  Cost-xp: 50
  Cost-eco: 30000

Plugin Tutorial

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