Frequently Asked Questions

When I place spawners they turn into pig spawners - This is caused by a conflict with another plugin. You can solve this problem by taking away their control over placed spawners. For CMI, set spawner placing to false, and for SilkSpawners you're honestly better off removing it.

Entities spawn but they stop spawning after a while or after their first spawn. - This is how its supposed to work. Once there are 6 (or whatever is defined) mobs a spawner will stop working as to not spawn too many entities in a single area. To fix this, reduce your Radius To Search Around Spawner: in your EpicSpawners configuration to make it spawn more entities when the entities move further away.

How do I create ItemSpawners with EpicSpawners? To make an item spawner, grab the item(s) that you want to spawn and put them in your inventory. Then open the editor with '/es editor'. Click the paper down the bottom to create a new spawner. That should open a new menu. When that is open, click the chest down the bottom. Shift-click the item(s) from your inventory into this new menu. Once the item(s) are all in the menu, click the redstone to save the instance. Then hit the back button up the top. Click the redstone on this main menu to save the spawner. Good job, you just created an item spawner!

To name you spawner and display item, completely close the menu with ESC. Get the item you want as the display item in the shop and inside the spawner cage and put it in your inventory. Make sure you are holding that item! Open the editor again with '/es editor' and your new spawner should appear first in the list. It will look like a head with '?'s on it. Click it to open its menu. There should be another head with '?'s on it. Hover your mouse over it to see the options. You can left click to change the name. That will make you enter what you want the name to be into chat. You can also middle-click to set the display item. That will use the currently selected item in your inventory. If you edit anything here, always make sure to hit the redstone to save.


EpicSpawners is the ultimate spawner stacking plugin giving you seemingly unlimited possibilities and options

EpicSpawners brings your servers spawners to a whole new level. It allows you to combine spawners together to create spawners that are 2x, 3x, 4x and even 5x as powerful as a normal spawner (the limit can be increased) and it can even combine completely different spawners together to create OmniSpawners!\

Supported Plugins

The following plugins are supported by EpicSpawners. Currently, I have only programmed it to respect the build permissions on islands, factions regions, and so on. I can add a plugin that is missing if you message me about it :P

  • Factions / FactionsUUID / FactionsOne
  • ASkyBlock
  • USkyBlock
  • WorldGuard
  • GriefPrevention
  • StackMob
  • Kingdoms
  • Towny
  • RedProtect
  • GUIShop
  • BossShopPro
  • ShopGUI+
  • HolographicDisplays


Installing EpicSpawners is usually quite a breeze. However, there are a few things you should look out for in order to help troubleshoot if a problem is to occur.

If you are running CraftBook, you must disable “xpstorer”. I am not sure why this happens but having it enabled allows players to duplicate spawners and therefore it must be disabled.

If you are running CMI, you must disable it's spawner functions. It will not work while they are active.

Firstly, EpicSpawners is compatible with SilkSpawners. However, it is optimal that you remove it as EpicSpawners covers most of its features. If you must have it installed, then you need to disable its ability to drop spawners, otherwise, there will be issues.

Other than that just throw the latest version of EpicSpawners into your plugins directory, grab the latest version of Vault and you're good to go!

Incompatible Plugins

The following plugins do not work with EpicSpawners. Certain features of it may work but important aspects will likely not work.

  • SlimeFun
  • PlotSquared
  • SilkSpawners
  • Most other spawner plugins


  • Upgrades - Able to upgrade your spawners allowing them to get a boost in stats
  • Admin settings - Setup the spawners to your liking with the GUI
  • Item Spawners - Spawners that give items
  • GUI Shop - Able to buy and setup spawners through a GUI shop within the plugin
  • Boosting - Boost your spawners using the GUI
  • Force Stacking - Stacks your spawners to the limit you have set

Plugin Features How to's

  1. Upgrading: You are able to upgrade your spawners by right-clicking the furnace and you have a choice using Exp. or Eco-Money. This will allow your spawners to increase its range and other features that EpicSpawners allows it to do. You are also able to change the settings for the spawners on what each level will give upon each level up.
  2. GUI Shop: You are able to edit and use the shop by using the commands available to you. You are also able to buy regular mob spanwers and items spawners as well.
  3. Boosting: You are able to get boosts to your spawners by using the command and you are able to specify by player, faction, town, or by all and giving the amount on the boost ranging from minutes to years
  4. Egg Changes: You are able to change your spawners by using a mob egg and all you do is just right click it with the egg
  5. Holograms: You can use either HolographicDisplays or Arconix


EpicSpawners(Default)Display information about EpicSpawners./epicspawners
SpawnerShopepicspawners.openshopOpens the spawner shop./spawnershop
SpawnerStats(Default)Allows a player to view their current EpicSpawners stats and see how many kills they have left in order to receive a specific spawner drop./spawnerstats
ES Changeepicspawners.adminChanges the type of spawner you are looking at./es change (spawnertype)
ES Giveepicspawners.adminGive a player a specific/random spawner with a custom multiplier and amount./es give (player) (spawnertype/random) (multiplier) (amount)
ES Editorepicspawners.adminOpens the spawner editor GUI and allows creation/modification of custom spawners./es editor
ES Settingsepicspawners.adminEdit the EpicSpawners configuration from an in-game GUI./es settings
ES Boostepicspawners.adminThis allows you to boost the spawn rate a player gets from his or her placed spawners./es boost (p:playername, f:faction, t:town, i:islandowner) (amount) [m:minute, h:hour, d:day, y:year]
ES RemoveBoostsepicspawners.adminThis allows you to remove boosts./es removeboosts (p:playername, f:faction, t:town, i:islandowner)
ES Reloadepicspawners.adminReloads the Configuration and Language files./es reload


epicspawners.silkdrop.*This will allow players to receive a spawner when they mine it with a silk touch pickaxe. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be mined. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.silkdrop.pig players to mine and receive drops for spawners without a silk touch pick.
epicspawners.overviewThis will allow the player to right-click a spawner and open the GUI.*This will allow players to place a spawner for all entities. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be placed. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example:
epicspawners.combine.*This will allow players to combine spawners for all entities. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be combined. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.combine.pig
epicspawners.KillcounterThis will allow EpicSpawners to drop spawners for specific players after reaching their goal. A spawner will only drop if the player meets the goal for killing X amount of a specific NATURAL spawning entity.
epicspawners.statsThis will allow a player to access the /spawnerstats command, so that they may view their EpicSpawner stats, including but not limited to, how many kills they must get to receive a specific spawner as a drop.*This will depict what spawners players will see in the shop. Example:
epicspawners.openshopThis will allow a player to access the shop with /spawnershop.
epicspawners.egg.*This is the perm needed to change a spawner with an egg.
epicspawners.omniThis will allow players to create and upgrade Omni-Spawners.
epicspawners.bypassThis will allow a player to bypass all permissions.
epicspawners.adminThis will allow a player to execute admin commands.
epicspawners.change.*This allows a player to change spawners to certain types. Example: epicspawners.change.cow
epicspawners.convertThis allows players to convert spawners.
epicspawners.convert.PIGThis will depict what spawners are able to be converted to. Example: epicspawners.change.pig
epicspawners.canboostThis will allow players to boost their spawners.
epicspawners.stack.*Permission to stack spawners.
epicspawners.limit.xSet the spawner place limit for a player where x is the limit.


Spawner Max Upgrade: 5
Spawner Name Format: '&e{TYPE} &fSpawner [&c{AMT}x]'
Force Combine Radius: 0
Deny Place On Force Combine: false
Radius To Search Around Spawners: 8x4x8
Default Minecraft Spawner Cooldowns: true
Alerts On Place And Break: true
Sneak To Receive A Stacked Spawner: true
Spawners Have Holograms: true
Only Drop Placed Spawner: false
Only Charge Natural Spawners: false
Custom Spawner Tick Rate: 10
Random Amount Added To Each Spawn: '1:3'
Sounds Enabled: true
Display Level In Spawner Title If Level 1: false
OmniSpawners Enabled: true
Convert Spawners With Eggs: true
Display Helpful Tips For Operators: true
Upgrade With Economy: true
Upgrade With XP: true
Cost To Upgrade With Economy: 10000
Cost To Upgrade With XP: 50
Use Custom Equations for Upgrade Costs: false
Spawner Repel Liquid Radius: 1
Redstone Power Deactivates Spawners: true
Display Help Button In Spawner Overview: true
Prevent Spawners From Exploding: false
Add Spawners To Inventory On Drop: false
Upgrade Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
Extra Ticks Added To Each Spawn: 0
Calculate XP Upgrade Cost: '{XPCost} * {Level}'
Calculate Economy Upgrade Cost: '{ECOCost} * {Level}'
Mobs Spawned Per Spawn: '{MULTI} + {RAND}'
Named Spawners Tiers: false
Tier Names:
- '&7Common'
- '&6Uncommon'
- '&4Rare'
- '&5Mythic'
Spawner Boosting:
Boost Multiplier: '0.5'
Max Multiplier For A Spawner Boost: 5
Item Charged For A Boost: DIAMOND:2
Hostile Mobs Attack Second: false
Spawner Drops:
Only Drop Stacked Spawners: false
Allow Killing Mobs To Drop Spawners: true
Count Unnatural Kills Towards Spawner Drop: false
Kills Needed for Drop: 100
Alert Every X Before Drop: 10
Drop On Creeper Explosion: true
Drop On TNT Explosion: true
Chance On TNT Explosion: 100%
Chance On Creeper Explosion: 100%
Drop On SilkTouch: true
Chance On Natural Silktouch: 100%
Chance On Placed Silktouch: 100%
Exit Icon: OAK_DOOR
Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
Glass Type 1: 7
Glass Type 2: 11
Glass Type 3: 3
Replace Glass Type 1 With Rainbow Glass: false
Activate Mysql Support: false
Port: 3306
Database Name: EpicSpawners
Prefix: ES-
Download Needed Data Files: true
Language Mode: en_US
Debugger Enabled: false

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