Description and Installation

UltimateModeration is the ultimate way to moderate your server. Take complete control over your server with a simplified and feature-rich moderation system!

Download UltimateModeration on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the UltimateModeration.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

Plugin Features

  • Tickets: GUI Based ticket system for easy problem handling.
  • Punishments: Ban, mute, kick, and warn users through the in-game GUI or by commands.
  • Templates: Create templates that make it easier to punish players.
  • Notes: Assign notes to players to keep info on them.
  • Slow Mode: Control the chat flow by slowing it down.
  • Staff Chat: Allow your staff to use their own channel to chat about the server in private.
  • Vanish: Customize your vanish command animation.
  • Spy: Spy on players and figure out what they are up to.
  • Settings GUI: Edit all settings from an in-game GUI.

Commands + Permissions

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/um or /pum.moderateThis allows the user to open the moderation panel.
/vanishum.vanishAllows the user to vanish from other players.
/invsee <player>um.invseeAllows the user to view another player's inventory.
/vec <player>um.viewenderchestAllows the user to view another player's enderchest.
/spy <player>um.spyAllow you to spy on another player by viewing what they see and where they are.
/freeze <player>um.freezeThis allows the user to freeze a specified player, this makes it so the targeted player cannot move, drop items, etc.
/randomplayerum.randomplayerTeleport to a random player that is currently online in the server.
/togglechatum.togglechatSick of getting spammed or reading the chat? This command allows you to toggle the chat on or off.
/clearchatum.clearchatClears the chat so any text is removed from sight.
/clearchat forceum.clearchat.forceAllows the clearing of the chat even for users who normally bypass the clearing.
/sc [room]um.staffchatAllows you to create a staff chat under a specified name. Using this on an already existing room will simple toggle that room.
/slowmode [delay in seconds]um.slowmodeThis toggles the chat to be slowed down. This can be set to be enabled by default.
/ticketum.ticketThis opens the ticket system GUI.
/runtemplate <player> <template>um.templateAllows you to execute a template on a player
/warn <player> <reason>um.warningThis allows the user to warn a player for a specified reason.
/kick <player> <reason>um.kickThis allows the user to kick a player for a specified reason.
/mute <player> <reason>um.muteThis allows the user to mute a player for a specified reason.
/unmute <player>um.muteThis allows the user to unmute a player
/ban <player> <reason>um.banThis allows the user to ban a player for a specified reason.
/unban <player>um.banThis allows the user to unban a player
/revive <player>um.reviveThis allows the user to revive a player on their death location.
/commandspyum.commandspyThis allows the user to spy on all commands that are being run by other players.
/um settingsum.adminAllows the user to configure the settings from an in-game GUI.
/um reloadum.adminReloads the configuration and language files

um.vanish.bypassAllows the user to see vanished people.

um.clearchat.bypassAllows the user to bypass the chat being cleared.

um.togglechat.bypassAllows you to talk in the chat even when it has been toggled off.

um.commandblock.bypassAllows the user to bypass blocked commands.

um.commandspy.immuneAllow the user's commands to not show up to people with the commandspy permission.

um.templateAllows the user to use templates on players.

um.ticket.opencloseAllow the user to open and close tickets.

um.staffchat.spyAllows the user to see all staff chat channels.

um.ticket.clicktoteleAllows the user to teleport to the ticket creation location.

um.slowmode.bypassAllows the user to bypass slowed chat.

Plugin Files

# General settings and options.
  # Show particles and play sound when going in and out of vanish.
  Enable Vanish Effects: true
  # Sound to be played when going into vanish.
  # Shows bats when entering vanish.
  Release Bats On Vanish: true
  # Show particles when entering vanish.
  Vanish Particle: EXPLOSION_NORMAL
  # Limits how often a player can send a chat message by the corresponding amount.
  # Prevents players from running the specified commands.
  Blocked Commands:
  - Fly
  - Op
  - Plugins
  - Pl
  # The amount of time in between saving to file.
  # This is purely a safety function to prevent against unplanned crashes or
  # restarts. With that said it is advised to keep this enabled.
  # If however you enjoy living on the edge, feel free to turn it off.
  Auto Save Interval In Seconds: 15
  # Color of messages sent in staff chat.
  Staff Chat Color Code: b
  # Types of tickets players can open.
  Ticket Types:
  - Grief
  - Player Report
  - Bug Report
  - Suggestion
  - Other
  # Commands disabled when a player is muted.
  Mute Disabled Commands:
  - minecraft:me
  - minecraft:tell

# These settings allow you to alter the way interfaces look.
# They are used in GUI's to make patterns, change them up then open up a
# GUI to see how it works.
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3

# Settings regarding the Database.
  # Should MySQL be used for data storage?
  Activate Mysql Support: false
  # MySQL IP
  # MySQL Port
  Port: 3306
  # The database you are inserting data into.
  Database Name: UltimateModeration
  # The prefix for tables inserted into the database.
  Prefix: US-
  # MySQL Username
  # MySQL Password

# System related settings.
  # The enabled language file.
  # More language files (if available) can be found in the plugins data folder.
  Language Mode: en_US

Frequently Asked Questions

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Available Translations

We offer translated versions of this plugin!  In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.

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