UltimateRepairing brings forth a new frontier to the Minecraft anvil. Using RepairPlus, players will now be able to left-click anvils and repair items at the cost of EXP or in-game Economy balance. It also allows you to give anvils Unbreaking so that they will never break, which is extremely useful for an anvil at spawn! Have questions?


Installing UltimateRepairing is usually quite a breeze! However, there are a few things you should look out for in order to help troubleshoot a problem if one is to occur.

Most importantly, UltimateRepairing depends on Arconix, which you can download here. It is programmed to auto-update as well as auto-install on your first load of RepairPlus. However, if this does not work correctly you will need to download and install it manually.

Other than that, just throw the latest version of UltimateRepairing into your plugins directory, grab the latest version of Vault and your good to go!


  • Simple Setup - Simplicity to use and setup to your liking
  • Efficient - High-performance but is lightweight so it wont make your server lag
  • Practical - You are able to use your xp, eco, or items to make repairs on your tools and armor
  • Cool Effect - Supports holograms and uses awesome particles
  • Unbreaking - Makes the anvil unbreakable or not
  • Wireless - You use the anvils with just a simple command
  • Holograms - Allow you to display holograms above the anvil (This is done by shift and right clicking).

Plugin Features How to's

  1. Setup: You are able to edit the plugins settings by either using the config or Shift Right-Clicking
  2. Costs: You can use the plugins ability to use money from your server using an economy plugin, Items, or using the players Exp they gained from playing.


This Section is for Repairplus currently

UltimateReparing Help(Default)Display information about RepairPlus./ur help
UltimateRepairing ReloadOPReloads the Configuration and Language files./ur reload
UltimateRepairingAnvilOPOpens an RepairPlus anvil from anywhere./ur settings
UltimateRepairing SettingsOPEdit the RepairPlus configuration in-game using a GUI./<command>


This section is for Repairplus currently

UltimateRepairing.use.*Allows players to repair items with either ECO balance or Levels.
UltimateRepairing.use.ECOAllows players to repair items with ECO balance.
UltimateRepairing.use.XPAllows players to repair items with XP levels.
UltimateRepairing.use.ITEMAllows players to repair items in exchange for other items.
UltimateRepairing.modeAllows players to toggle an anvil between eco and levels.
UltimateRepairing.adminGives the ability to toggle particles and holograms.
UltimateRepairing.permPlaceGives the ability to create RepairPlus anvils (only required if Perms-Only is enabled in the config).
UltimateRepairing.rpanvilAllows players to use the /rpanvil command


Time Before Repair Auto Canceled: 200
Experience Cost Equation: '{MaxDurability} - ({MaxDurability} - {Durability} / 40)
+ 1'
Economy Cost Equation: '{XPCost} * 5'
Item Cost Equation: '{XPCost} * 3'
Cost Multiplier For Enchanted Items: 2
Repair Items Only With Items Of That Items Type: true
Enable Default Anvil Function: true
Swap Right And Left Click Options: false
Require Permission On RepairPlus Anvil Place: false
Particle Amount: 25
Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
Item Icon: DIAMOND
Exit Icon: OAK_DOOR
Glass Type 1: 7
Glass Type 2: 11
Glass Type 3: 3
Replace Glass Type 1 With Rainbow Glass: false
Debugger Enabled: false

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