Description and Installation

Tired of all those items pesky items all over the group and all the animals all over the world causing lag, or you want to just have a cool setup for your items and animals? If you are this plugin will help with all those issues and give you that cool fresh look by stacking up all the items of the same type for you along with animals!

Download UltimateStacker on our Marketplace. Make sure to select the correct download for your server version.

Stop your server, drag and drop UltimateStacker.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server. The plugin should now be loaded and the files should have been created.

UltimateStacker requires Holographic Displays to utilize all features.


  • Stack Entities: Ability to stack entities.
  • Stack Items: Ability to stack Items.
  • Stack Spawners: Ability to stack Spawners.
  • Editor: Change the majority of settings from an in-game GUI.
  • Tick Rate: Change the tick rate and optimize when to stack.

Commands + Permissions

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/usDefaultView information about UltimateStacker.
/us helpDefaultShow the help menu of UltimateStacker.
/us reloadultimatestacker.adminReloads the configuration and language files.
/us givespawner <player> <type> <level>ultimatestacker.adminGives an operator the ability to spawn a spawner of your choice.
/us removeall <entities/items>ultimatestacker.adminAllows the user to remove all stacked entities or items.

ultimatestacker.spawner.silktouchAllows the player to pick up spawners using silk touch.

ultimatestacker.spawner.nosilkdropMakes the player not able to pick up spawners with silk touch.

ultimatestacker.adminAllows the player to use the admin commands for the plugin.

Plugin files

  Stack Items: true
  Stack Entities: true
  Stack Spawners: true
  Stack Search Tick Speed: 5
  Max Stack Size: 15
  Min Stack Amount: 5
  Kill Whole Stack On Death: false
  Kill Whole Stack On Special Death Cause: true
  Special Death Cause:
  - FALL
  - LAVA
  - VOID
  Name Format: '&f{TYPE} &6{AMT}x'
  Max Stack Size: 250
  Name Format: '&f{TYPE} &6{AMT}x'
  Holograms Enabled: true
  Max Stack Size: 5
  Name Format: '&f{TYPE} Spawner &6{AMT}x'
  Activate Mysql Support: false
  Port: 3306
  Database Name: UltimateStacker
  Prefix: US-
  Download Needed Data Files: true
  Language Mode: en_US

Plugin Tutorial

Coming soon!

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