UltimateTimber gives you and your players a new and entertaining way to chop down trees!


Just drag and drop UltimateTimber into your plugins folder, and you should be good to go. Make sure you have the correct version though. (Multiverse Core is a soft dependency for servers that have more than the normal 3 worlds. (Overworld, Nether and End))

Plugin Features

  • Animated - When you break the tree's base log it falls with a beautiful animation.
  • Accurate Detection - The plugin makes sure to make only the one tree you chopped down falls no matter how close they are.
  • Toggle - Toggle command for players so buildings can be spared.

Plugin Features How to's

  • Animation: You are able to enable or disable the animation, sound, and particles in the config
  • Bonus loot: You can set up the bonus items that fall from the trees after the animation is over
    • Can be edited in the config.yml under the "Custom loot:" section. The "Material:" piece is what type of item to drop, and the "Chance:" piece is the percentage chance that the item can drop (a decimal value is allowed). If the material is DIAMOND and the chance is 1, then a diamond has a 1% chance of dropping from each leaf of a tree that is toppled. 
    • Players can only get the bonus loot if they have the permission


UltimatetimberDefaultShows the plugin's information


Ultimatetimber ReloadOPReloads the plugin and its configuration/ut reload
Ultimatetimber Toggleultimatetimber.toggletoggles usage of tree chopping/ut toggle


ultimatetimber.chopAllows your players to chop down trees with the plugin

Allows you to get potential bonus loot as drops from tree leaves

ultimatetimber.toggleAllows the toggling of the plugins features per player


Only topple down trees cut down using axes: true
Five second time out before you can break saplings: true
Only topple down trees cut down while sneaking: false
Lower durability proportionately to the amount of blocks toppled down: true
Players in creative mode can't topple down trees: false
Only allow players with the permission node to topple down trees: true
Damage players when trees fall on them: true
Replant sapling when tree is cut down: true
Fallen leaves have a chance to plant saplings: true
Use custom sounds for trees falling: true
Show tree fall animation: true
Valid worlds:
  world: true
  world_nether: true
  world_the_end: true
Custom loot:
- Material:GOLDEN_APPLE,Chance:1

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