Description and Installation

UltimateTimber gives you and your players a new and entertaining way to chop down trees! 

Download UltimateTimber on our Marketplace. Make sure to select the correct download for your server version.

Stop your server, drag and drop UltimateTimber.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server. The plugin should now be loaded and the files should have been created.

Plugin Features

  • Animated: Chopping down the base of a tree will display a nice animation of it falling down. Can be disabled!
  • Accurate Tree Detection: Plugin detects what is considered a single tree, detection can be tweaked in the config.yml
  • Toggle: Ability to enable or disable the ability from in-game. Especially useful during building!
  • Replanting: The plugin offers an option to replant saplings when a tree is chopped down.
  • Bonus Drops: You can add bonus drops with chances in the config.yml. (With permission)
  • Multiple world support: Ultimate timber can be enabled and disabled on multiple worlds.

Supported Plugins

  • McMMo Classic/Overhaul
  • Jobs Reborn
  • EpicWorldGenerator
  • OpenTerrainGenerator
  • RealisticWorldGenerator

Frequently Asked Questions

 UltimateTimber isn't working in my world.

Make sure you have the world name listed in the config.yml. If the world is not stated, the plugin will not work in that world.

 Not all logs are being cut down?

In order for UltimateTimber to work correctly with custom trees or world generators these changes have to be made in the config.yml:

    Max amount of logs that can be broken with one chop: 300
    Only break logs above the block broken: false
    Allow mixed log/leaf to be considered as one tree: true

Commands + Permissions

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/utDefaultShows the plugin's information.
/ut reloadOperatorReloads the plugin.
/ut toggleultimatetimber.toggleToggles tree chopping.

ultimatetimber.chopAllows your players to chop down trees with the plugin.

ultimatetimber.bonuslootAllows potential of bonus loot from tree leaves per player.

Plugin files

Max amount of logs that can be broken with one chop: 120
The number of leaves required to detect a valid tree: 5
Only break logs above the block broken: true
Allow mixed log/leaf to be considered as one tree: false
Entire tree base must be broken for the tree to fall: false
Only topple down trees cut down using axes: true
Five second time out before you can break saplings: true
Only topple down trees cut down while sneaking: false
Lower durability proportionately to the amount of blocks toppled down: true
Players in creative mode can't topple down trees: true
Only allow players with the permission node to topple down trees: true
Damage players when trees fall on them: true
Delete the log that initiated the tree fall: false
Replant sapling when tree is cut down: true
Fallen leaves have a chance to plant saplings: true
Use custom sounds for trees falling: true
Show tree fall animation: true
Scatter fallen tree blocks on the ground when animated: false
Valid worlds:
  world: true
  kitpvp: true
  world2: true
  plotworld: true
Custom loot:
- Material:GOLDEN_APPLE,Chance:1

Still need help?

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