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Create wildly strong and highly customizable bosses for your players to battle.
Part of the Epic Series.

Warning Abandoned: This plugin has been abandoned. It will no longer be updated, nor will it receive any support.

Getting Started

To install Epic Bosses you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add in the latest version of Epic Bosses which you can find in our marketplace.
  4. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files




Commands and Permissions

Command Description Permission
/boss help <page> Display the help menu of EpicBosses.
/boss create [name] [entity] Start the creation of a boss. boss.create
/boss edit [name] Edit a specified boss. boss.edit
/boss nearby <radius> Displays all nearby bosses within the specified radius. boss.nearby
/boss reload Reloads the configuration and language files of EpicBosses. boss.reload
/boss time <section> Shows the time left till next auto spawn. boss.time
/boss debug Toggles on and off the debug mode. boss.debug
/boss giveegg Gives you the spawn egg of a boss. boss.give
/boss shop Opens the shop for a player to purchase boss eggs themselves.
/boss info [name] Displays the info of the specified boss. boss.admin
/boss killall <world> Removes all current bosses in the specified world.
/boss spawn [name] <location> Spawns a specific boss at the defined location. Example: /boss spawn BossBrianna world,0,100,0
/boss droptable Shows the current droptable
/boss items Shows all current items.
/boss skills Shows all current configured skills.
/boss list Shows all the list of current boss entities.
/boss menu Opens up the menu to edit all current created bosses.
/boss new skill [name] [type] [mods] Create a new skill section.
/boss new droptable [name] [type] Create a new droptable section.
/boss new command [name] [commands] Create a new command section.
/boss new message [name] [messages] Create a new message section.
/boss new autospawn [name] Create a new autospawn section.


Placeholder Description
{boss} This returns the boss' name.
{dmg} This returns the amount of damage you did to the boss during the fight.
{name} This returns the username of the player from the boss fight.
{percent} This returns the percentage of the boss' health that you took off, based on the damage you dealt during the fight against the initial health of the boss.
{player} This returns the player.
{positions} This returns the position on the damage leaderboard for that boss fight.
{skill} This returns the skill used by the boss.
%epicbosses_<placeholder you assigned to the autospawn>% This returns the time until the next autospawn.


Build 1.2.6

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