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Highly customizable spawner stacking and boosting plugin, which gives you seemingly unlimited editing and creation possibilities.
Part of the Epic Series.

Getting Started

To install Epic Spawners you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add the optional dependencies: Holographic Displays.
  4. Add in the latest version of Epic Spawners which you can find in our marketplace.
  5. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files




We offer translated versions of this plugin! In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.


Commands and Permissions

Command Description Permission Node
/es Display information about EpicSpawners. Default
/spawnershop Opens the spawner shop. epicspawners.openshop
/spawnerstats Allows a player to view their current EpicSpawners stats and see how many kills they have left in order to receive a specific spawner drop. epicspawners.stats
/es change <spawnertype> This allows a player to change spawners to certain types. Example: epicspawners.change.cow epicspawners.change.<mob>
/es give <player/all> <spawnertype/random> <multiplier> <amount> Give a player a specific/random spawner with a custom multiplier and amount. epicspawners.admin.give
/es editor Opens the spawner editor GUI and allows creation/modification of custom spawners. epicspawners.admin.editor
/es settings Edit the EpicSpawners configuration from an in-game GUI. epicspawners.admin.settings
/es boost <player> <amount> [duration] This allows you to boost the spawn rate a player gets from their placed spawners. epicspawners.admin.boost
/es reload Reloads the Configuration and Language files for EpicSpawners. epicspawners.admin.reload
/es spawn Force the spawner you are looking at to spawn so long as the spawn conditions are met epicspawners.admin.spawn
Gives all of the available admin permissions. epicspawners.admin.*
This will allow players to receive a spawner when they mine it with a silk touch pickaxe. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be mined. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.silkdrop.pig epicspawners.silkdrop.*
Allows players to mine and receive drops for spawners without a silk touch pick. epicspawners.no-silk-drop
This will allow the player to right-click a spawner and open the GUI. epicspawners.overview
This will allow players to place a spawner for all entities. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be placed. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.place.pig epicspawners.place.*
This will allow players to combine spawners for all entities. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be combined. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.combine.pig epicspawners.combine.*
This will allow EpicSpawners to drop spawners for specific players after reaching their goal. A spawner will only drop if the player meets the goal for killing X amount of a specific NATURAL spawning entity. epicspawners.Killcounter
This will depict what spawners players will see in the shop. Example: epicspawners.shop.pig epicspawners.shop.*
Allows players to change spawner type with an egg. Example: epicspawners.egg.pig epicspawners.egg.*
This will allow players to create and upgrade Omni-Spawners. epicspawners.omni
This will allow a player to bypass all permissions. epicspawners.bypass
This allows players to convert spawners. epicspawners.convert
This will depict what spawners are able to be converted to. Example: epicspawners.convert.pig epicspawners.convert.<mob>
This will allow players to boost their spawners. epicspawners.canboost
Permission to stack spawners. epicspawners.stack.*
Set the spawner place limit for a player where x is the limit. epicspawners.limit.x

Custom Drops

Creating a Custom Drop

To create a custom drop for mobs spawned by an EpicSpawner:

  1. Run the command /es editor.
  2. Select the mob you want to create a custom drop for.
  3. Select the Drop Setting option in the Editor GUI that opens.
  4. Click the Edit Drops option.
  5. Click the Create New Drop option.
  6. Type in the name of the item you want to use as your new drop. (Name of material must be in caps)
  7. left-click the item you choose to edit the drop, or right-click the item to delete the drop.
  8. Fill out the options in the Lootables Editor GUI that opens, referring to the table below for the variables you can use.

Editing a Lootable

In order to edit the lootables, you need to have a basic understanding of how to work with the JSON storage format. You are able to modify the tables from the preexisting configuration, and you could also use an online JSON editor to help you write a valid JSON, such as this one here.

Loot Tables

The loot tables are split into two objects, those being: Lootables and Loot. Lootables are the parent object which holds all of the loot for the entity. Loot is the child object that is held by the Lootables object.

There are various Loot options, which are:

  • Type - The material used for this drop.
  • Command - The command used for this drop. Commands are compatible with the placeholder '%player%'. It should be noted that if the entity is not killed by a player while this placeholder is being used, the command will not run.
  • Data - The data value that corresponds with the material type. It should be noted that this is unsupported and unused in Minecraft versions of 1.13 and above.
  • Name - The name applied to the dropped loot.
  • Lore - The lore applied to the dropped loot.
  • Enchantments - The enchantments applied to the dropped loot. Using the value "Random" will process the enchantment as if it were going through an enchanting table.
  • Burned Type - Material used if the entity dies while on fire.
  • Chance - The chance that the material will drop.
  • Min - The minimum amount of materials dropped or commands run.
  • Max - The maximum amount of materials dropped or commands run.
  • Looting - Will the looting enchantment be usable for this loot?
  • Looting Chance Increase - By how much each level of looting advances the max drop count.
  • Only Drop For - Should this drop only be applicable to specific entities?
  • Is Charged - This loot will only drop if the mob is killed by a charged creeper.
  • Child Loot - Should this loot house child loot?
  • Child Loot Drop Count Min - What is the minimum amount of child loot that should drop?
  • Child Loot Drop Count Max - What is the maximum amount of child loot that should drop?
  • Wielded Enchantment Chance Overrides - The override for chances applied by the wield item.
  • Damage Min - Min amount of applied damage.
  • Damage Max - Max amount of applied damage.


In this example, pigs will drop 1 - 3 white wool, 1 - 3 red wool, and will run a command 1 - 3 times.

 1 {
 2   "Type": "PIG",
 3   "Loot": [
 4     {
 5       "Type": "WHITE_WOOL",
 6       "Chance": 100,
 7       "Min": 1,
 8       "Max": 3,
 9       "Looting": true
10     },
11     {
12       "Type": "RED_WOOL",
13       "Chance": 100,
14       "Min": 1,
15       "Max": 3,
16       "Looting": true
17     },
18     {
19       "Command": "say %player% killed a pig.",
20       "Chance": 100,
21       "Min": 1,
22       "Max": 3,
23       "Looting": true
24     }
25   ]
26 }

In this example, pigs will drop white wool 50% of the time, while dropping red wool if the pig dies while on fire. Pigs also have a 100% chance of dropping either yellow or green wool.

 1 {
 2   "Type": "PIG",
 3   "Loot": [
 4     {
 5       "Type": "WHITE_WOOL",
 6       "Burned Type": "RED_WOOL",
 7       "Chance": 50,
 8       "Min": 1,
 9       "Max": 3,
10       "Looting": true
11     },
12     {
13       "Chance": 100,
14       "Min": 1,
15       "Max": 1,
16       "Looting": true,
17       "Child Loot Drop Count Min": 1,
18       "Child Loot Drop Count Max": 1,
19       "Child Loot": [
20         {
21           "Type": "YELLOW_WOOL",
22           "Chance": 50,
23           "Min": 1,
24           "Max": 3,
25           "Looting": true
26         },
27         {
28           "Type": "GREEN_WOOL",
29           "Name": "&3test",
30           "Lore": [
31             "&4test2",
32             "&5test3",
33             "&6test4"
34           ],
35           "Enchantments": {
36             "KNOCKBACK": 1,
37             "SWEEPING_EDGE": 1
38           },
39           "Chance": 50,
40           "Min": 1,
41           "Max": 3,
42           "Looting": true
43         }
44       ]
45     }
46   ]
47 }

In this example, pigs will drop a bow bow that is enchanted randomly with an Enchanting Table of level 26. The bow will also be damaged between 10 and 100 percent. There is also a 20% chance that the player will be opped.

 1   {
 2   "Type": "PIG",
 3   "Loot": [
 4     {
 5       "Type": "BOW",
 6         "Enchantments": {
 7         "RANDOM": 26
 8       },
 9       "Chance": 0.7,
10       "Min": 1,
11       "Max": 1,
12       "Wielded Enchantment Chance Overrides": {
13         "LUCK:2": 1.3,
14         "LUCK:1": 1.0,
15         "LUCK:3": 1.6
16       },
17       "Damage Min": 10,
18       "Damage Max": 100,
19       "Looting": true
20     },
21     {
22       "COMMAND": "OP %player%",
23       "Chance": 20,
24       "Min": 1,
25       "Max": 1,
26       "Looting": true
27     }
28   ]
29 }

Supported Plugins

  • Factions/FactionsUUID/FactionsOne
  • ASkyBlock/USkyBlock/FabledSkyblock
  • WorldGuard
  • Griefprevention
  • StackMob/UltimateStacker
  • Kingdoms
  • Towny
  • RedProtect
  • GUIShop
  • BossShopPro
  • ShopGUI+
  • PlayerPoints

Incompatible Plugins

  • SlimeFun
  • PlotSquared
  • SilkSpawners
  • Nether Water
  • SuperiorSkyblock2
  • Boss
  • Most other spawner plugins
  • Craftbook: You must disable "xpstorer." Having it enabled allows players to duplicate spawners.
  • CMI: You must disable its spawner functions. The plugin will not work while they are active.

In this page it needs to be noted that the server needs to be off for spawners.yml changes to take effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

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