Fabled Series

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Fabled series is the minigame plugin line of Songoda plugin.
You can find them on the Songoda Marketplace here: Fabled series

Plugin Name Description Marketplace Link Wiki Link
Fabled Skyblock Use your creativity to build and create magnificent floating islands, starting with minimal resources and building your way to success. https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/fabledskyblock-the-ultimate-skyblock-plugin https://wiki.songoda.com/Fabled_Skyblock

Patreon Exclusive.

Plugin Name Description Marketplace Link Wiki Link
Fabled Kingdoms (Beta) Battle against rival Kingdoms for
Land, Might, and Glory.
You can find the plugin on Songoda beta discord. https://wiki.songoda.com/Fabled_Kingdoms

Support[edit | edit source]

If you need help with one of these plugins, feel free to ask a question on our Discord or open a support ticket on our Service Desk!