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Use your creativity to build and create magnificent floating islands, starting with minimal resources and building your way to success.

Getting Started

To install Fabled Skyblock you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add the optional dependencies: PlaceholderAPI.
  4. Add in the latest version of Fabled Skyblock which you can find in our marketplace.
  5. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files














Commands and Permissions

All commands that use /island and be substituted with /is

Player Commands & Permissions

Command Description Permission Node
<player> - The playername for the person that you are targeting.
<spawn> - The type of spawn you want to use: Visitor, Main
<generator_name> - Name of the Generator made in the Generator GUI
/island visit <player> Opens a GUI that will display all islands you can visit. fabledskyblock.island.visit
/island vote <player> Vote for the island you like most fabledskyblock.island.vote
/island controlpanel

/island cp

Opens the control panel of your island. fabledskyblock.island.controlpanel
/island upgrade Opens a menu that allows you to upgrade your islands with various perks and upgrades. fabledskyblock.island.upgrade
/island leaderboard

/island lb

Displays the top islands in the server. fabledskyblock.island.leaderboard
/island delete

/island disband

Deletes the island you own. Click the confirm within 10 seconds to delete. fabledskyblock.island.delete
/island teleport <player> Allows the user to teleport to islands. fabledskyblock.island.teleport
/island setspawn <spawn> Allows the user to set their main or visitor island spawnpoint. fabledskyblock.island.setspawn
/island accept <player> Allows the user to accept an invitation to an island. fabledskyblock.island.accept
/island deny <player> Allows the user to deny an invitation to an island. fabledskyblock.island.deny
/island cancel <player> Allows the player to cancel an invitation. fabledskyblock.island.cancel
/island leave Allows a user to leave an island. fabledskyblock.island.leave
/island promote <player> Allows a user to promote someones rank on their island. fabledskyblock.island.promote
/island demote <player> Allows a user to demote someones rank on their island. fabledskyblock.island.demote
/island kick <player> Allows the user to kick a specific person from their island. fabledskyblock.island.kick
/island kickall Allows the user to kick everyone on their island. fabledskyblock.island.expel
/island ban <player> Allows the user to ban a specific person from their island. fabledskyblock.island.ban
/island unban <player> Allows the user to unban a specific person. fabledskyblock.island.unban
/island bans Allows the user to open the ban GUI. fabledskyblock.island.bans
/island border Allows the user to open the island border menu. fabledskyblock.island.border
/island biome Allows the user to specify their island biome. fabledskyblock.island.biome
/island weather Opens the weather GUI to control rain and time. fabledskyblock.island.weather
/island level Opens the level GUI. fabledskyblock.island.level
/island value Gets the value of the block the user has in their hand fabledskyblock.island.value
/island settings Opens the settings GUI. fabledskyblock.island.settings
/island information <player>

/island info <player>

Opens the island information panel for your or another player's island. fabledskyblock.island.information
/island coop <player> Opens the Coop GUI or coop's a specific player. fabledskyblock.island.coop
/island members Opens the menu to manage your island members. fabledskyblock.island.members
/island owner <player> Opens the ownership menu for your island or transfers ownership to another player. A confirmation message will be showed when transferring ownership. fabledskyblock.island.owner
/island confirm Confirmation for permanent alterations. fabledskyblock.island.confirm
/island invite <player> Allows the user to invite another player to their island. fabledskyblock.island.invite
/island chat Communicate privately with other island members. fabledskyblock.island.chat
/island visitors Opens the Visitor GUI. fabledskyblock.island.visitors
/island current Displays the current island you are at. fabledskyblock.island.current
/island public Make your island public or private. Making your island public means anyone can join. fabledskyblock.island.public
/island open Allows you to open your island to visitors fabledskyblock.island.open
/island close Allows you to close your island to visitors fabledskyblock.island.close
/island bank <Deposit/Withdraw/Balance> Deposit - Add Money to the island bank

Withdraw - Take money from the island bank

Balance - View how much is in the island bank

/island unlock <Nether/End> Allows you to unlock the Nether/End fabledskyblock.island.unlock
/island help Opens the help page in chat. fabledskyblock.island.help
/island challenge Opens the challenge GUI fabledskyblock.island.challenge
Grants access to every default island permission fabledskyblock.island.*
Permission to have a specified generator. fabledskyblock.generator.<generator_name>
Permission to access a closed island. fabledskyblock.bypass
Permission to bypass an Island permission. fabledskyblock.bypass.<setting>
Permission to bypass the biome, island creation, or island deletion cool down timer. fabledskyblock.bypass.cooldown
Prevents a player from being kicked/banned from islands. fabledskyblock.bypass.ban
Permission to have a specific Island size on Island creation. fabledskyblock.size.<size>
Gives permission to fly at your island (Does not apply for upgrades). fabledskyblock.fly
Gives permission to fly at any island (Does not apply for upgrades). fabledskyblock.fly.*
Permission to a specified structure in the island create menu. fabledskyblock.island.<structure_name>
Exempts the user from appearing on the island top list. fabledskyblock.top.exempt
Permission to create an island. fabledskyblock.island.create
Limit a specific block to a certain amount for a player.

Example: fabledskyblock.limit.block.hopper.50 Setting a number higher than what's mentioned in the limits.yml will allow the player to place more than the configured limit.

Allows player to bypass a specific block's limit. fabledskyblock.limit.block.<type>.*
Allows player to bypass all block limits. fabledskyblock.limit.block.*
Allows player to make unlimited creations. fabledskyblock.limit.create.bypass
Allows player to make unlimited deletions. fabledskyblock.limit.delete.bypass
Replace <number> with a number to set a specific limit. fabledskyblock.limit.create.<number>
Replace <number> with a number to set a specific limit. fabledskyblock.limit.delete.<number>
Allows players to create stacks from stackables if permission is configured to be required. fabledskyblock.stackable
Allows the max stack size of a specific material.

Example: fabledskyblock.stackable.diamond_block.maxsize.5000


Admin Commands & Permission

Command Description Permission Node
/island admin delete <player> Allows an administrator to delete another player's island. fabledskyblock.admin.delete
/island admin owner <player> Allows an administrator to see if the specified player owns or is a member of an island. fabledskyblock.admin.owner
/island admin setspawn Allows an administrator to set the spawnpoint of the server. fabledskyblock.admin.setspawn
/island admin sethologram Allows an administrator to set a hologram displaying the top islands. fabledskyblock.admin.sethologram
/island admin removehologram Allows an administrator to remove a hologram. fabledskyblock.admin.removehologram
/island admin create Allows an administrator to create an island template with the island creator. fabledskyblock.admin.create
/island admin setsize <player> <size> Allows an administrator to set the size of a player's island. fabledskyblock.admin.setsize
/island admin addupgrade <player> <upgrade> Allows an administrator to add an upgrade to a player's island. fabledskyblock.admin.addupgrade
/island admin removeupgrade <player> <upgrade> Allows an administrator to remove an upgrade for a player's island. fabledskyblock.admin.removeupgrade
/island admin level Allows an administrator to open the level menu to alter values for leveling. fabledskyblock.admin.level
/island admin generator Allows an administrator to open a menu to create new generators. fabledskyblock.admin.generator
/island admin upgrade Allows an administrator to open a menu to change the upgrades a player may access. fabledskyblock.admin.upgrade
/island admin structure Allows an administrator to create structures for islands. fabledskyblock.admin.structure
/island admin structure tool Gives an administrator the tool to create and define structures.
/island admin structure save <name> Allows an administrator to save a structure by name.
/island admin structure convert <structure_name.structure> Converts an old structure file to a new structure file.
/island admin Displays the help menu for administrators. fabledskyblock.admin.help
/island admin settings Opens the in-game settings GUI for FabledSkyblock. fabledskyblock.admin.settings
/is admin refreshholograms Allows an administrator to refresh the holograms of FabledSkyBlock. fabledskyblock.admin.refreshholograms
/is admin setbiome <player> <biomeName> Allows an administrator to set a player's biome for their island. fabledskyblock.admin.setbiome
/is admin proxy <command> Allows you to run a command as the island owner. fabledskyblock.admin.proxy
/is admin reload Reloads the Configuration and Language files for FabledSkyblock. fabledskyblock.admin.reload
Grants access to every admin permission and command above. fabledskyblock.admin.*
Grants access to every permission and command. fabledskyblock.*

Biome Permissions

Permission Node Description
fabledskyblock.biome.badlands This grants access to the Badlands biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.cold_ocean This grants access to the Cold Ocean biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.warm_ocean This grants access to the Warm Ocean biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.forest This grants access to the Forest biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.dark_forest This grants access to the Dark Forest biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.desert This grants access to the Desert biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.jungle This grants access to the Jungle biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.mountains This grants access to the Mountains biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.mushroom_fields This grants access to the Mushroom Fields biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.nether This grants access to the Nether biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.plains This grants access to the Plain biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.river This grants access to the River biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.savanna This grants access to the Savanna biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.snowy_beach This grants access to the Snowy Beach biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.swamp This grants access to the Swamp biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.taiga This grants access to the Taiga biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.the_end This grants access to the End biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.the_void This grants access to the Void biome.
fabledskyblock.biome.* This grants access to all biomes.


Placeholder Name Description
%fabledskyblock_islands% Returns Island loaded size.
%fabledskyblock_leaderboard_level_<1-10>% Returns an island on the level leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_leaderboard_votes_<1-10>% Returns an island on the votes leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_island_level% Returns Island level.
%fabledskyblock_island_level_formatted% Returns the Island level formatted with a suffix.
%fabledskyblock_island_points% Returns Island points.
%fabledskyblock_island_radius% Returns Island radius.
%fabledskyblock_island_size% Returns Island size.
%fabledskyblock_island_role% Returns player Island role.
%fabledskyblock_island_owner% Returns Island owner name.
%fabledskyblock_island_biome% Returns Island biome type name.
%fabledskyblock_island_time% Returns Island time if not synchronized.
%fabledskyblock_island_weather% Returns Island weather if not synchronized.
%fabledskyblock_island_bans% Returns Island bans size.
%fabledskyblock_island_invites% Returns the number of island invites.
%fabledskyblock_island_members_total% Returns total Island members.
%fabledskyblock_island_members% Returns Island member size.
%fabledskyblock_island_operators% Returns island operator size.
%fabledskyblock_island_coops% Returns the number of coop players at the island.
%fabledskyblock_island_coops_total% Returns Island coop size.
%fabledskyblock_island_visitors% Returns Island visitor size.
%fabledskyblock_island_bank_balance% Returns island bank balance.
%fabledskyblock_island_bank_balance_formatted% Returns island bank balance formatted.
%fabledskyblock_island_votes% Returns the number of island votes.
%fabledskyblock_island_exists% Returns whether or not the user owns an island.
%fabledskyblock_island_isopen% Returns whether or not the user's island is open or not.
%fabledskyblock_island_level_block_count_<blockType>% Returns the amount of a specific block on a player's island.
%fabledskyblock_island_level_block_points_<blockType>% Returns the the total point value of a specific block on a player's island.
%fabledskyblock_level_block_value_<blockType>% Returns the block value of a specific block type.
%fabledskyblock_island_leaderboard_level_rank% Returns the position of the player's island on the leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_island_leaderboard_bank_rank% Returns the position of the player's island bank on the leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_island_leaderboard_votes_rank% Returns the position of the player's island votes on the leaderboard.

Supported Plugins

Incompatible Plugins

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