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==Getting Started==
==Getting Started==
{{Plugin Installation|Ultimate Repairing|Vault, Economy Manager|Holographic Displays}}
{{Plugin Installation|Ultimate Repairing|Vault, Economy Management Plugin|Holographic Displays|https://songoda.com/marketplace/product/ultimaterepairing-repair-items-on-an-anvil-at-a-cost}}
==Plugin Files==
==Plugin Files==

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Allow your players to repair their items in a unique, graphical, and intuitive way.

Getting Started

To install Ultimate Repairing you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add the optional dependencies: Holographic Displays.
  4. Add in the latest version of Ultimate Repairing which you can find in our marketplace.
  5. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files



We offer translated versions of this plugin! In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.


Commands and Permissions

Command Description Permission Node
/ur Displays the help menu of this plugin.
/uranvil Opens the repair interface. ultimaterepairing.rpanvil
/ur reload Reloads the Configuration and Language files for UltimateRepairing. ultimaterepairing.admin
/ur settings Opens the in-game settings GUI for UltimateRepairing. ultimaterepairing.admin
Allows players to repair items with XP levels. ultimaterepairing.use.xp
Allows players to repair items with ECO balance. ultimaterepairing.use.eco
Allows players to repair items in exchange for other items. ultimaterepairing.use.item
Allows players to toggle an anvil between eco and levels. ultimaterepairing.mode
Gives the ability to create UltimateRepairing anvils (only required if Perms-Only is enabled in the config). ultimaterepairing.permplace


Frequently Asked Questions

There's a hologram I can't remove