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Ultimate series is the free plugin line of Songoda plugin.
You can find them on the Songoda Marketplace here: Ultimate Series

Plugin Name Description Marketplace Link Wiki Link
Ultimate Catcher Capture and collect various mobs, with a means of easy transportation for the mobs that you want to keep.
Ultimate Claims Claim land with a unique grief protection tool. Fill up a powercell with supplies in order to keep your land claimed and safe.
Ultimate Fishing Enhance your fishing experience with an added range of fish rarities, custom loot, and the ability to sell your catches. Add creativity and achievement to normal fishing.
Ultimate Kits Introduce a powerful and intuitive system that allows players to preview and purchase delicately crafted kits.
Ultimate Moderation Take complete control over your server with a refined, powerful moderation and punishment system.
Ultimate Repairing Allow your players to repair their items in a unique, graphical, and intuitive way.
Ultimate Stacker Brings together the stacking of items, entities, and spawners all into a single well-crafted and well-performing package.
Ultimate Timber Give your players a new, entertaining, and highly customizable way to chop down trees.


If you need help with one of these plugins, feel free to ask a question on our Discord or open a support ticket on our Service Desk!