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Part of the Ultimate Series.

Warning Warning: This plugin is currently in BETA. That means features may be added, removed or severely altered without any prior warning.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

To install Ultimate Tools you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: None.
  3. Add in the latest version of Ultimate Tools which you can find in our marketplace.
  4. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files[edit | edit source]


Commands and Permissions[edit | edit source]

Command Description Permission
/uto Shows the command help page for UltimateTools.
/uto givebook <enchant> (Player) Gives an enchanted book with the selected enchantment to the specified player. If no player has been specified, the book is being given to the one running the command. ultimatetools.givebook
/songoda Opens the Songoda Plugin GUI songoda.admin