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The ultimate spawner stacking plugin, giving you seemingly unlimited options and possibilities.

Learn more about EpicSpawners' features


Allow your players to wirelessly connect/daisy-chain hoppers over a distance while optionally filtering out unwanted items.

Learn more about EpicHoppers' features


Allow your players to grow crops faster. automatically replant crops, harvest and store crop and animal produce in the farm's inventory as well as much more.

Learn more about EpicFarming's features


Bring in a new way for players to farm, grind and much much more. No redstone required.

Learn more about EpicDispensers' features


Turn a cobblestone, diamond bucket, anvil or water bucket into a genbucket.

Learn more about EpicBuckets' features


Bring your furnaces to the next level by allowing your players to upgrade them for unique perks.

Learn more about EpicFurnaces' features


Allows you and your players to search over 17,000 unique and artistic heads which are perfect for building immersive masterpieces.

Learn more about EpicHeads' features


Create your own custom bosses which can be fought throughout your server.

Learn more about EpicBosses' features


Create vouchers that players can claim for rewards with seemingly infinite possibilities.

Learn more about EpicVouchers' features


Allow your players to keep chunks loaded for a limited amount of time at a cost.

Learn more about EpicAnchors' features


Introduces a powerful yet intuitive system to your server that allows players and administrators to preview and purchase your delicately crafted kits.

Learn more about UltimateKits' features


Brings together item, entity and spawner stacking all in a single well crafted and well-performing package.

Learn more about UltimateStacker's features


Allow your players to repair their items in a unique, graphical and intuitive way.

Learn more about RepairPlus' features


Give your players a new and entertaining way to chop down trees.

Learn more about UltimateTimber's features

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Battle for Land, Might and Glory.

Learn more about Kingdoms's features


SkyBlock Revolution.

Learn more about SkyBlock's features