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Description and Installation

EpicSpawners is the ultimate spawner stacking plugin giving you seemingly unlimited possibilities and options. This is especially ideal for Faction and Skyblock servers.

Download EpicSpawners on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the EpicSpawners.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

EpicSpawners requires Holographic DisplaysVault, and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.


Plugin Features

  • Upgrade: Allow players to upgrade their spawners to increase their productivity.
  • Stack: Stack multiple spawners together.
  • Omni: Combine multiple different spawners together for one that spawns it all.
  • Spawnershop: Built-in spawnershop with a beautiful configurable GUI.
  • In-Game Admin Editor: Change every aspect of the plugin with a beautiful GUI in-game.
  • Item Spawners: Create item spawners that spawn specific items.
  • Block Spawners: Create spawners that spawn blocks around them.
  • Limit Spawners: Limit how many spawners a player can place.
  • Custom Drops: Change what drops a spawned mob drops.
  • Boost: Allow players to temporarily boost their spawners for a specific item or currency.
  • Egg Changes: You are able to change your spawners by using mob eggs.
  • Economy: Use both currency and XP to upgrade spawners.

Supported Plugins

  • Factions/FactionsUUID/FactionsOne
  • ASkyBlock/USkyBlock/FabledSkyblock
  • WorldGuard
  • Griefprevention
  • StackMob/UltimateStacker
  • Kingdoms
  • Towny
  • RedProtect
  • GUIShop
  • BossShopPro
  • ShopGUI+
  • HolographicDisplays
  • PlayerPoints

Incompatible Plugins

The following plugins do not work with EpicSpawners. Certain features of it may work but important aspects will likely not work.

  • SlimeFun

  • PlotSquared

  • SilkSpawners

  • Most other spawner plugins

CraftBook: You must disable “xpstorer”. Having it enabled allows players to duplicate spawners and therefore it must be disabled.

CMI: You must disable its spawner functions. It will not work while they are active.

 Commands + Permissions


/esDefaultDisplay information about EpicSpawners.
/spawnershopepicspawners.openshopOpens the spawner shop.
/spawnerstatsepicspawners.statsAllows a player to view their current EpicSpawners stats and see how many kills they have left in order to receive a specific spawner drop.
/es change <spawnertype>epicspawners.change.<mob>This allows a player to change spawners to certain types. Example: epicspawners.change.cow
/es give <player/all> <spawnertype/random> <multiplier> <amount>epicspawners.admin.giveGive a player a specific/random spawner with a custom multiplier and amount.
/es editorepicspawners.admin.editorOpens the spawner editor GUI and allows creation/modification of custom spawners.
/es settingsepicspawners.admin.settingsEdit the EpicSpawners configuration from an in-game GUI.
/es boost <player> <amount> [duration]epicspawners.admin.boostThis allows you to boost the spawn rate a player gets from their placed spawners.
/es reloadepicspawners.admin.reloadReloads the Configuration and Language files.

epicspawners.admin.*Gives all of the available admin permissions.

epicspawners.silkdrop.*This will allow players to receive a spawner when they mine it with a silk touch pickaxe. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be mined. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.silkdrop.pig players to mine and receive drops for spawners without a silk touch pick.

epicspawners.overviewThis will allow the player to right-click a spawner and open the GUI.*This will allow players to place a spawner for all entities. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be placed. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example:

epicspawners.combine.*This will allow players to combine spawners for all entities. You can configure the plugin to only allow specific spawners to be combined. You can make any preferred changes in the configuration file, or add them as a permission. Example: epicspawners.combine.pig

epicspawners.KillcounterThis will allow EpicSpawners to drop spawners for specific players after reaching their goal. A spawner will only drop if the player meets the goal for killing X amount of a specific NATURAL spawning entity.*This will depict what spawners players will see in the shop. Example:

epicspawners.egg.*Allows players to change spawner type with an egg. Example: epicspawners.egg.pig

epicspawners.omniThis will allow players to create and upgrade Omni-Spawners.

epicspawners.bypassThis will allow a player to bypass all permissions.

epicspawners.convertThis allows players to convert spawners.

epicspawners.convert.<mob>This will depict what spawners are able to be converted to. Example: epicspawners.convert.pig

epicspawners.canboostThis will allow players to boost their spawners.

epicspawners.stack.*Permission to stack spawners.

epicspawners.limit.xSet the spawner place limit for a player where x is the limit.

Plugin Files

Code Block
# General settings and options.
  # The maximum level a spawner can be upgraded to.
  Spawner Max Upgrade: 5
  # The text displayed in the hologram positioned above every spawner.
  Spawner Name Format: '&e{TYPE} &fSpawner [&c{AMT}x]'
  # Spawners placed next to each other within this radius will automatically
  # combine with each other.
  Force Combine Radius: 0
  # Prevent spawners from being placed next to each other within the specified radius.
  Deny Place On Force Combine: false
  # The radius checked around a spawner before spawning entities.
  # By default this is used to make sure there are no more than 7 entities
  # around any single spawner.
  Radius To Search Around Spawners: 8x4x8
  # Toggle an alerting chat message after triggered by placing or breaking a spawner.
  Alerts On Place And Break: true
  # Toggle ability to receive a stacked spawner when breaking a spawner while sneaking.
  Sneak To Receive A Stacked Spawner: true
  # Toggle holograms showing above spawners.
  Spawners Have Holograms: true
  # Should natural mob spawners drop upon being broken?
  Only Drop Placed Spawner: false
  # Should map generated spawners charge a price in order to be broken?
  # You can configure the cost for each spawner type in the Spawners.yml.
  Only Charge Natural Spawners: false
  # The tick rate in which spawners will attempt to spawn.
  # Making this smaller or larger will not effect a spawners spawn rate as
  # this value only effects the frequency in which a spawn attempt is triggered.
  Custom Spawner Tick Rate: 10
  # Spawners will always spawn a single entity for every level it contains multiplied
  # by a random number generated between (by default) 1 and 4.
  # For example if the random number 3 is generated then by default
  # a level 5 spawner will spawn (5 * 3) entities which would be 15.
  Random Amount Added To Each Spawn: '1:4'
  # Toggles various sound effects used throughout the plugin.
  Sounds Enabled: true
  # Should a spawners hologram display its level if it's level one?
  Display Level In Spawner Title If Level 1: false
  # Should spawners of different mob types be stackable into a single spawner?
  OmniSpawners Enabled: true
  # Ability to change mob spawner type with spawn eggs.
  Convert Spawners With Eggs: true
  # Show tips to server operators.
  Display Helpful Tips For Operators: true
  # Can spawners be upgraded with money?
  Upgrade With Economy: true
  # Can spawners be upgraded with XP levels?
  Upgrade With XP: true
  # Cost to upgrade a spawners level.
  Cost To Upgrade With Economy: 10000
  # Experience cost to upgrade a spawners level.
  Cost To Upgrade With XP: 50
  # Should custom equations be used to generate upgrade costs?
  Use Custom Equations for Upgrade Costs: false
  # Prevent water from flowing next to or on top of a spawner within the here declared radius.
  # Set to 0 to disable.
  Spawner Repel Liquid Radius: 1
  # Does redstone power disable a spawner?
  Redstone Power Deactivates Spawners: true
  # should the button be visible in each spawners overview GUI.
  Display Help Button In Spawner Overview: true
  # Should spawners not break when blown up?
  Prevent Spawners From Exploding: false
  # Should broken spawners be added directly to the players inventory?
  # Alternatively they will drop to the ground?
  Add Spawners To Inventory On Drop: false
  # The name of the particle shown when upgrading a spawner.
  Upgrade Particle Type: SPELL_WITCH
  # After every spawner successfully spawns, a new delay is added to it.
  # That delay is different for every spawner type and can be configured in the Spawners.yml
  # The number configured here is then added to that delay.
  Extra Ticks Added To Each Spawn: 0
  # The maximum amount of spawners a player can place. Set to -1 to allow unlimited
  # spawner placement.
  Max Spawners Per Player: -1
  # The amount of time in between saving to file.
  # This is purely a safety function to prevent against unplanned crashes or
  # restarts. With that said it is advised to keep this enabled.
  # If however you enjoy living on the edge, feel free to turn it off.
  Auto Save Interval In Seconds: 15
  # Should natural spawners be disabled?
  Disable Natural Spawners: false
  # If enabled mobs spawned by spawners will not move or attack.
  Nerf Spawner Mobs: false

  # These are settings relating to equations.
    # The equation used to calculate the experience upgrade cost.
    Calculate XP Upgrade Cost: '{XPCost} * {Level}'
    # The equation used to calculate the economy upgrade cost.
    Calculate Economy Upgrade Cost: '{ECOCost} * {Level}'
    # The equation that defines the amount of mobs a spawner will spawn each time it is triggered.
    Mobs Spawned Per Spawn: '{MULTI} * {RAND}'
  # Whether or not spawners will have names rather than numbers.
  Named Spawners Tiers: false
  # The names of each spawner tier.
  # Where one spawner is common, two is uncommon, three is rate, and four and mythic.
  Tier Names:
  - '&7Common'
  - '&6Uncommon'
  - '&4Rare'
  - '&5Mythic'

# These are settings regarding the boosting of spawners.
Spawner Boosting:
  # The highest multiplier a spawner can be boosted to.
  Max Multiplier For A Spawner Boost: 5
  # The cost required when a player boosts their own spawner.
  # If you would rather charge experience or economy then enter respectively
  # ECO or XP in place of the default DIAMOND.
  Item Charged For A Boost: DIAMOND:2

# These are settings regarding entities.
  # Should hostile mobs attack only if attacked first?
  Hostile Mobs Attack Second: false

# These are settings regarding spawner drops.
Spawner Drops:
  # Should stacked spawners always drop their whole stack when broken?
  Only Drop Stacked Spawners: false
  # Should spawners drop when enough mobs of that spawners type are killed?
  Allow Killing Mobs To Drop Spawners: true
  # Can mobs from spawners count towards the spawner drop count?
  Count Unnatural Kills Towards Spawner Drop: false
  # Amount of mob kills required to drop a spawner.
  Kills Needed for Drop: 100
  # Alert players every x amount of kills before dropping spawner.
  Alert Every X Before Drop: 10
  # Chance of a TNT explosion dropping a spawner.
  Chance On TNT Explosion: 100%
  # Chance of a creeper explosion dropping a spawner.
  Chance On Creeper Explosion: 100%
  # Do spawners drop when broken with a pick enchanted with silk touch?
  Drop On SilkTouch: true
  # What level of silk touch is required to drop a spawner?
  Minimum Required Silktouch Level: 1
  # Chance of a natural spawner dropping with silk touch.
  Chance On Natural Silktouch: 100%
  # Chance of a placed spawner dropping with silk touch.
  Chance On Placed Silktouch: 100%

# Settings regarding economy.
# Only one economy option can be used at a time. If you enable more than
# one of these the first one will be used.
  # Should Vault be used?
  Use Vault Economy: true
  # Should PlayerPoints be used?
  Use Player Points Economy: false

# These settings allow you to alter the way interfaces look.
# They are used in GUI's to make patterns, change them up then open up a
# GUI to see how it works.
  # Item to be displayed as the icon for exiting the interface.
  Exit Icon: OAK_DOOR
  # Item to be displayed as the icon for buying a spawner.
  Buy Icon: EMERALD
  # Item to be displayed as the icon for economy upgrades.
  Economy Icon: SUNFLOWER
  # Item to be displayed as the icon for XP upgrades.
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3
  Replace Glass Type 1 With Rainbow Glass: false

# Settings regarding the Database.
  # Should MySQL be used for data storage?
  Activate Mysql Support: false
  # MySQL IP
  # MySQL Port
  Port: 3306
  # The database you are inserting data into.
  Database Name: EpicSpawners
  # The prefix for tables inserted into the database.
  Prefix: ES-
  # MySQL Username
  # MySQL Password

# System related settings.
  # The enabled language file.
  # More language files (if available) can be found in the plugins data folder.
  Language Mode: en_US

Frequently Asked Questions

titleWhen I place spawners they turn into pig spawners

This is caused by a conflict with another plugin. You can solve this problem by taking away their control over placed spawners. For CMI, set spawner placing to false, and for SilkSpawners you're honestly better off removing it.

titleEntities spawn, but stop spawning after their first spawn?

This is how its supposed to work. Once there are 6 (or whatever is defined) mobs a spawner will stop working as to not spawn too many entities in a single area. To fix this, reduce your Radius To Search Around Spawner: in your EpicSpawners configuration to make it spawn more entities when the entities move further away.

titleHow do I create item spawners?

To make an item spawner, grab the item(s) that you want to spawn and put them in your inventory. Then open the editor with '/es editor'. Click the paper down the bottom to create a new spawner. That should open a new menu. When that is open, click the chest down the bottom. Shift-click the item(s) from your inventory into this new menu. Once the item(s) are all in the menu, click the redstone to save the instance. Then hit the back button up the top. Click the redstone on this main menu to save the spawner. Good job, you just created an item spawner!

To name you spawner and display item, completely close the menu with ESC. Get the item you want as the display item in the shop and inside the spawner cage and put it in your inventory. Make sure you are holding that item! Open the editor again with '/es editor' and your new spawner should appear first in the list. It will look like a head with '?'s on it. Click it to open its menu. There should be another head with '?'s on it. Hover your mouse over it to see the options. You can left click to change the name. That will make you enter what you want the name to be into chat. You can also middle-click to set the display item. That will use the currently selected item in your inventory. If you edit anything here, always make sure to hit the redstone to save.

titleHow does Mobs Spawned Per Spawn work?
  • MULTI:
    Spawner level or how much spawners there are stacked on that spawner. Example: 2 Cow spawners MULTI = 2
  • RAND:
    Is a random generator number added to the spawn. Defined by the "Random Amount Added To Each Spawn: '1:3'" in the config.

titleMy players have the permission* but can't place spawners?

There is an issue with older permission plugins where wildcard permissions don't work properly. You need to use the separate permission nodes "'<mobType>' to grant them permission for all the different spawner types individually.

titleHow can I charge for boosts with EXP or Economy instead of items?

You can use one of these values in your config to charge for boosts with either Items, EXP, or Economy: 

  • Item Charged For A Boost: DIAMOND:2
  • Item Charged For A Boost: ECO:3000
  • Item Charged For A Boost: XP:10

Available Translations

We offer translated versions of this plugin!  In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.


LanguageLanguage code

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