Description and Installation

FabledSkyBlock is a fun gamemode where you try and survive with minimal resources on a small island.

Download FabledSkyBlock on our Marketplace

Stop your server, drag and drop the FabledSkyBlock.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

FabledSkyBlock requires Vault and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.


Plugin Features

  • Environments: Have an Overworld, Nether, and End island.
  • Scoreboard: Customize our own built-in scoreboard.
  • Biomes: Allow players to choose which biome their island is.
  • Leveling: Allow players to battle whose island is worth the most with our leveling system.
  • Generators: Customize your own generator or even allow different generators with permissions.
  • Control Panel: Allow players to customize their island rules for visitors and members.
  • Creator: Create islands with a built-in GUI for ease of use.
  • Structures: Build and use your own islands with our structure system.
  • Developer API: Integrate FabledSkyBlock into your plugin for further expansion.
  • Co-op: Allow players to team up and create the best island possible.

Supported Plugins

  • PlaceholderAPI
  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI
  • Vault
  • LeaderHeads
  • Multiverse-Core


Commands + Permissions + Placeholders

 Player commands
/island visitfabledskyblock.island.visitOpens a GUI that will display all islands you can visit.
/island vote <player>
Allows the user to vote or remove a vote for the island they are standing on.
/island controlpanelfabledskyblock.island.controlpanel
Opens the control panel of your island.
/island upgradefabledskyblock.island.upgrade
Opens a menu that allows you to upgrade your islands with various perks and upgrades.
/island leaderboardfabledskyblock.island.leaderboard
Displays the top islands in the server.
/island create


Permission to create an island.

/island deletefabledskyblock.island.delete
Allows the user to remove their island.
/island teleport <player>fabledskyblock.island.teleportAllows the user to teleport to another player's island.
/island setspawn <spawn>fabledskyblock.island.setspawn
Allows the user to set their main or visitor island spawnpoint.
/island accept <player>fabledskyblock.island.accept
Allows the user to accept an invitation to an island.
/island deny <player>fabledskyblock.island.deny
Allows the user to deny an invitation to an island.
/island cancel <player>fabledskyblock.island.cancel
Allows the player to cancel an invitation.
/island leavefabledskyblock.island.leave
Allows a user to leave an island.
/island promote <player>fabledskyblock.island.promote
Allows a user to promote someones rank on their island.
/island demote <player>fabledskyblock.island.demote
Allows a user to demote someones rank on their island.
/island kick <player>fabledskyblock.island.kick
Allows the user to kick a specific person from their island.
/island kickallfabledskyblock.island.expel
Allows the user to kick everyone on their island.
/island ban <player>fabledskyblock.island.ban
Allows the user to ban a specific person from their island.
/island bansfabledskyblock.island.bans
Allows the user to open the ban menu.
/island unban <player>fabledskyblock.island.unban
Allows the user to unban a specific person.
/island borderfabledskyblock.island.border
Allows the user to open the island border menu.
/island biomefabledskyblock.island.biome
Allows the user to specify their island biome.
Allows the user to specify their island weather.
/island levelfabledskyblock.island.levelAllows the user to open their island level menu.
/island valuefabledskyblock.island.valueAllows the user to get the value of the item in their hand.
/island settingsfabledskyblock.island.settings
Allows the user to open the island settings menu.
/island information <player>fabledskyblock.island.informationOpens the island information panel for your or another player's island.
/island coop <player>
Allows the user to co-op another player onto their island.
/island membersfabledskyblock.island.members
Opens the menu to manage your island members.
/island owner <player>fabledskyblock.island.owner
Opens the ownership menu for your island.
/island confirmfabledskyblock.island.confirm
Confirmation for permanent alterations.
/island invite <player>fabledskyblock.island.invite
Allows the user to invite another player to their island.
Communicate privately with other island members.
/island visitorsfabledskyblock.island.visitors
Opens the island menu for visitors.
/island currentfabledskyblock.island.currentDisplays the current island you are at.
/island publicfabledskyblock.island.public
Make your island public or private.
Allows you to open your island.
/island closefabledskyblock.island.close
Allows you to close your island.
/island bankfabledskyblock.island.bankOpens the bank of your island.
/island unlockfabledskyblock.island.unlockOpens the unlock menu for your island.

Opens the help menu.


Permission to have a specified generator.


Permission to access a closed Island.


Permission to bypass an Island permission.

fabledskyblock.bypass.cooldownPermission to bypass the biome, island creation or island deletion cool down timer.


Permission to have a specific Island size on Island creation.

fabledskyblock.flyGives permission to fly at your island (Does not apply for upgrades).*Gives permission to fly at any island (Does not apply for upgrades). the user from appearing on the island top list.

fabledskyblock.island.<structure_name>Permission to a specified structure in the island create menu.

fabledskyblock.island.*Grants access to every island permission and command above.
 Admin commands
/island admin delete <player>fabledskyblock.admin.deleteAllows an administrator to delete another player's island.
/island admin owner <player>fabledskyblock.admin.ownerAllows an administrator to set ownership of another player's island.
/island admin setspawnfabledskyblock.admin.setspawnAllows an administrator to set the spawnpoint of the server.
/island admin sethologramfabledskyblock.admin.sethologramAllows an administrator to set a hologram displaying the top islands.
/island admin removehologramfabledskyblock.admin.removehologramAllows an administrator to remove a hologram.
/island admin createfabledskyblock.admin.createAllows an administrator to create an island template with the island creator.
/island admin setsize <player> <size>fabledskyblock.admin.setsizeAllows an administrator to set the size of a player's island.
/island admin addupgrade <player> <upgrade>fabledskyblock.admin.addupgradeAllows an administrator to add an upgrade to a player's island.
/island admin removeupgrade <player> <upgrade>fabledskyblock.admin.removeupgradeAllows an administrator to remove an upgrade for a player's island.
/island admin levelfabledskyblock.admin.levelAllows an administrator to open the level menu to alter values for leveling.
/island admin generatorfabledskyblock.admin.generatorAllows an administrator to open a menu to create new generators.
/island admin upgradefabledskyblock.admin.upgradeAllows an administrator to open a menu to change the upgrades a player may access.
/island admin structurefabledskyblock.admin.structureAllows an administrator to create structures for islands.
/island admin structure toolfabledskyblock.admin.structureGives an administrator the tool to create and define structures.
/island admin structure save <name>fabledskyblock.admin.structureAllows an administrator to save a structure by name.
/island adminfabledskyblock.admin.helpDisplays the help menu for administrators.
/island admin settingsfabledskyblock.admin.settingsGives access to the admin help menu.
/is admin refreshhologramsfabledskyblock.admin.refreshhologramsAllows an administrator to refresh the holograms of FabledSkyBlock.
/is admin setbiome <player> <biomeName>fabledskyblock.admin.setbiomeAllows an administrator to set a player's biome for their island.
/is admin reloadfabledskyblock.admin.reloadAllows an administrator to reload FabledSkyBlock's configuration and language files.

fabledskyblock.admin.*Grants access to every admin permission and command above.

fabledskyblock.*Grants access to every permission and command.
 Biome permission list
fabledskyblock.biome.*This grants access to all biomes.
%fabledskyblock_islands%Returns Island loaded size.
%fabledskyblock_leaderboard_level_<1-10>%Returns an island on the level leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_leaderboard_votes_<1-10>%Returns an island on the votes leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_island_level%Returns Island level.
%fabledskyblock_island_level_formatted%Returns the Island level formatted with a suffix.
%fabledskyblock_island_points%Returns Island points.

Returns Island radius.

%fabledskyblock_island_size%Returns Island size.
%fabledskyblock_island_role%Returns player Island role.
%fabledskyblock_island_owner%Returns Island owner name.

Returns Island biome type name.

%fabledskyblock_island_time%Returns Island time if not synchronized.
%fabledskyblock_island_weather%Returns Island weather if not synchronized.

Returns Island bans size.

%fabledskyblock_island_invites%Returns the number of island invites.
%fabledskyblock_island_members_total%Returns total Island members.
%fabledskyblock_island_members%Returns Island member size.
%fabledskyblock_island_operators%Returns island operator size.
%fabledskyblock_island_coops%Returns the number of coop players at the island.
%fabledskyblock_island_coops_total%Returns Island coop size.
%fabledskyblock_island_visitors%Returns Island visitor size.
%fabledskyblock_island_bank_balance%Returns island bank balance.
%fabledskyblock_island_bank_balance_formatted%Returns island bank balance formatted.
%fabledskyblock_island_votes%Returns the number of island votes.
%fabledskyblock_island_exists%Returns whether or not the user owns an island.
%fabledskyblock_island_isopen%Returns whether or not the user's island is open or not.
%fabledskyblock_island_level_block_count_<blockType>%Returns the amount of a specific block on a player's island.
%fabledskyblock_island_level_block_points_<blockType>%Returns the the total point value of a specific block on a player's island.
%fabledskyblock_level_block_value_<blockType>%Returns the block value of a specific block type.
%fabledskyblock_island_leaderboard_level_rank%Returns the position of the player's island on the leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_island_leaderboard_bank_rank%Returns the position of the player's island bank on the leaderboard.
%fabledskyblock_island_leaderboard_votes_rank%Returns the position of the player's island votes on the leaderboard.

Plugin Files

        # Lists all commands rather than pages.
        List: false
        # Shows all aliases of the commands.
            Enable: true
    # When disabled all sounds will be disabled.
    Enable: true
        # [!] Do not go over 1000 for both of these options.
        # The size of an Island when created.
        # [!] Do not go over the maximum.
        # [!] Even numbers WILL create world border issues.
        Minimum: 101
        # The maximum size of an Island based on the permission node 'skyblock.size.<size>'.
        Maximum: 201
        # Rather than opening the 'Island Creator' menu. Create an island
        # as soon as a player performs the '/island' or '/island create'
        # command.
        # [!] The first created structure will be selected.
            Enable: true
        # [!] You are adviced to keep these options both enabled to prevent any issues.
            # When enabled cooldown will start when a player creates an Island.
                Enable: true
            # When enabled cooldown will start when a player deletes their Island.
                Enable: true
            # Time until player can create another island.
            Time: 60
        # [!] The Island height is 72 blocks.
        #     Delete the Island world when changing the liquid option.
        # If lava disabled, the world will be a water world.
        # -1 to disable Nether and End unlock prices.
            Name: "island_normal_world"
                Enable: false
                Lava: false
                Height: 60
            Name: "island_nether_world"
            UnlockPrice: 10000
            Enable: true
                Enable: false
                Lava: true
                Height: 60
            Name: "island_end_world"
            UnlockPrice: 50000
            Enable: true
                Enable: false
                Lava: false
                Height: 60
        # Max amount of players allowed to be in a team.
        Capacity: 12
        # Generates a worldborder around Islands.
        # [!] WorldBorders will not show in Nether world due to centering bug
        #     with some Spigot builds.
        Enable: true
        # Prevent blocks being placed that would go outside of the Island border
        # Pistons | Dispensers | Liquid Flow
        Block: true
        # Prevents blocks being placed inside the location where players spawn on
        # an Island. When setting the spawn points, this option when enabled will
        # require the player to position themselves at the center of the block.
        # [!] Recommended to use especially to prevent players glitching in blocks
        #     and to prevent liquid flow at spawn point.
        Protection: true
            # Time until Leaderboard resets
            Time: 300
        # If users with the permission should be exempt from /is leaderboard
            Enable: false
        # Time until Island invite expires
        Time: 300
        # Allow players to visit islands as long as the owner or operator is online even
        # if the island is closed.
        Enable: true
        # If enabled, cooped players will not be saved when they disconnect from the server.
        Unload: false
            # If disabled, any islands the player has been banned from will be removed when they
            # open the Island Visit menu.
            Bans: false
        # When an Island is unloaded if enabled players won't be able to visit the Island
        # even if it's open.
        # [!] Enabling will prevent possible memory leak issues affecting performance.
        Unload: false
        # Upon Island creation is the Island open to visit?
        Open: false
        # Allow players to vote for Islands. This will filter Islands with more votes first
        # in the Visit Island menu.
        Vote: true
            # When disabled Island owners or operators will not be able to set a Welcome Message
            # and visitors will not see the Welcome Message.
            Enable: true
            # Maximum lines allowed for Welcome Message
            Lines: 6
            # Length allowed for each line
            Length: 30
            # When disabled Island owners or operators will not be able to set a Signature and
            # a Signature will not be visible in the Island Visit menu.
            Enable: true
            # Maximum lines allowed for Signature
            Lines: 6
            # Length allowed for each line
            Length: 30
        # Max amount of players allowed at a Island. This also includes Island Members.
        # [!] Set to -1 for unlimited capacity.
        Capacity: 25
        # Allow Island Operators or Owners to ban players from their Island.
        Banning: true
        # Default Biome set when a player creates an Island
        # Biomes Available:
        # Notice: Only use biomes available in your server version!
            Type: Plains
            Time: 900
        # If the Nether/End biomes should be allowed in the overworld
            Nether: true
            End: true
            # The weather and time will operate the same weather and time as the world.
            # If disabled, the weather and time will be fixed to the weather and time
            # options.
            Synchronised: true
            # [!] Make sure the time is one of the choices below
            #     Choices: 0 | 1000 | 6000 | 12000 | 13000 | 18000
            Time: 6000
            Weather: Clear
        # Prevents ice and snow layer blocks being set in snowy conditions.
        # [!] Recommended to keep this disabled to prevent confusion if island weather
        #     and time is not synchronised.
        IceAndSnow: false
            # When the Island is not synchronised with the time of the World, should the
            # time cycle or be fixed.
            Cycle: false
        # Include Points: 0 in the '/is level' GUI
        IncludeEmptyPointsInList: true
        # Island Level Points divided by value
        Division: 100
            # Time until Island level rescan expires
            Time: 60
        # Time until confirmation expires for island ownership and island deletion
        # confirmations.
        Timeout: 10
                # When Island ownership is transfer to a different player the previous
                # Island owner will become an operator.
                Operator: true
            # When ownership has been assigned to a player the Island password will
            # be reset.
            Reset: true
            # Time until Island Ownership reassign expires
            Time: 60
            # Prevents players from being killed by the Void when at an Island.
            Enable: true
            # When disabled, players will teleport the the main spawn point rather than the Island.
            Island: true
            # The Y position that the player is teleported when reached.
            Offset: 30
            # When enabled, players can right-click an obsidian block to retrieve lava at an Island.
            # [!] This requires the player to have the 'Bucket' permission.
            Enable: false
            # When enabled, players can right-click an end frame to retrieve it at an Island.
            # [!] This requires the player to have the 'Destroy' permission.
            Enable: false
            # When enabled, any changes to a block will be made to the levelling materials
            # calculated for an island.
            Enable: true
            # Prevent Piston blocks being retracted or extended when connected to a circuit
            # [!] Prevents Pistons extending out of Island border bug
                Retract: true
                Extend: true
            # Teleports the player back to the Island if they enter the liquid if world is a
            # liquid world.
            Enable: true
        AutoRespawn: true
            # When a player respawns after dying at an island decide where they respawn.
            # [!] If enabled, players will respawn at the island they died at. If disabled,
            #     players will respawn at the main spawn location.
            Island: true
        # When enabled, players will be teleported to the main spawn point when they join the server.
        Spawn: false
        # When enabled, players will be teleported to their island spawn point when they join the server.
        Island: false
        # When the setting 'Damage' has been disabled, if this option is enabled, players will take
        # damage at an island. This discludes entity and void damage.
        Enable: false
        # When the setting 'PvP' has been disabled, if this option is enabled, players will be
        # able to damage other players at an island.
        Enable: false
        # When the setting 'KeepItemsOnDeath' has been disabled, if this option is enabled, players will keep
        # items in their inventory if they die at an island.
        Enable: true
        # When any of these options are disabled, the setting will be removed from the 'Island Settings'
        # menu.
            Enable: true
            Enable: true
            Enable: true
            Enable: false
        # When disabled, when a player enters a portal, they will teleport to the nether or
        # end world rather than the island world.
        # [!] Recommend to keep this enabled to prevent performance drop with chunk loading.
        Island: true
        Enable: true
        AllowDecimals: true
            # Item Material used to select positions for a structure.
            Selector: "DIAMOND_AXE"
        Enable: true
        Enable: true
        Enable: true

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I create a structure?

You can create a structure by using the structure tool item which can be obtained with the command '/island admin structure tool'. Using the structure tool item, select two positions of an area, stand where you want the spawn point to be, then to save the selected area, perform the command '/island admin structure save <name>'.

Alternatively, you can add a schematics file to the schematics folder of the plugin.  This requires you to have WorldEdit installed.  Make sure you copy and save the original schematic whilst standing in the spot you want players to spawn, otherwise it won't work.

 How do I add a structure to the island creator?

To add a structure to the 'Island Creator' menu, you can do so by using the 'Structure Editor' menu which can be opened by performing the command '/island admin create'. There you can navigate existing structures or create your own for the 'Island Creator' menu.
Note: Selecting the structure requires you to name the structure file, so you will need to insert '<name>.structure'  when choosing which file to use.  If you're using a schematic, it will be '<name>.schematic'.

 How do I set the main spawn of the island world?

To set the main spawn point in an island world, set the main spawn point in a non island world with the command '/island admin setspawn' then create an island and make sure it is open with the command '/island open'. You will then be able to set the main spawn point in the island world with the command '/island admin setspawn'.

 Where do I find the PlaceholderAPI expansion?

This plugin does not require an expansion for PlaceholderAPI to function correctly.

 How do I use placeholders in EssentialsX chat?

You can use a placeholder for essentials chat format by having the character '{' as the prefix and closing the placeholder with the character '}' as the suffix. You will also need to use this plugin for it to work this is due to an issue in EssentialsXChat.

 How do I setup LeaderHeads with FabledSkyBlock?

Place a sign. For the first line, type '[LeaderHeads]', the second line type 'toplevels', 'topbank', or 'topvotes', and on the third line type a number for the rank.

 How do I set a hologram?

You can set the location of holograms with the command '/island admin sethologram'.

 How do I change the scoreboard?

You can change the scoreboard by altering all of the different scoreboard options in the language.yml.

 Can I fill stackables faster?

If you want to fill up stackables faster, so that you don't have to place every single stackable block individually, all you need to do:   Place a hopper that leads into the stack, then fill the hopper with the stackable block!  The hopper will place all of the blocks into the stack for you.

Note:  This is only possible if you also have EpicHoppers.

Still need help?

Couldn't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on our Discord or Service Desk!

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