Description and Installation

UltimateKits introduces a powerful, yet intuitive system to your server that allows players and administrators to preview and purchase your delicately crafted in-game kits. Kits can be easily assigned to any block and configured to sell for either kit keys or economy balance. That, along with its unique, one-of-a kind kit editor makes it a must have for server owners looking to add something to their server in order to boost profit and keep players motivated!

Download UltimateKits on our Marketplace.

Stop your server, drag and drop the UltimateKits.jar into your plugins folder, then start the server. The plugin should now load in and create all of the necessary files.

UltimateKits requires Holographic DisplaysVault, and an economy manager to utilize all of its features.


Plugin Features

  • Chance: Set chances on certain kit items.
  • Preview: Preview or buy kits in a GUI.
  • Kit Crates: Turn your kits into crates.
  • Editor GUI: Create and edit kits in a GUI.
  • Efficient: Display kits on blocks and add cool effects.
  • Kit Explorer: Find what you're looking for in a simple to use GUI.

Commands + Permissions

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/kitsDefaultAllows the player to view all the servers kits.
/pk <kitname>ultimatekits.use.<kitname>Preview the specified kit.
/uk help <page>DefaultView the help menu of UltimateKits.
/uk reloadultimatekits.adminReload the plugin and its configurations.
/uk edit <kitname>ultimatekits.adminEdit the specified kit.
/uk set <kitname>ultimatekits.adminMake the block you are looking at display a specified kit.
/uk removeultimatekits.adminRemove a kit from the block you are looking at.
/uk settingsultimatekits.adminAllows you to edit the all config settings using a GUI in-game.
/uk key <kitname> <Ultra/Regular> <Player/All> <amount>ultimatekits.adminGive a kit-specific key to a player or all players. These keys can be redeemed for kits. Ultra keys give all items, regular keys give some items.

ultimatekits.kit.<kitname>Allows the user to access the specified kit.

ultimatekits.kit.*Allows the user to access all kits.<kitname>Allows the user to purchase the specified kit.
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{player}This returns the player.

Plugin Files

  Only Show Players Kits They Have Permission To Use: false
  Allow Players To Receive Kits For Free If They Have Permission: true
  Dont Preview Commands In Kits: false
  Hologram Layout:
  - '{TITLE}'
  - '{LEFT-CLICK}'
  Sounds Enabled: true
  Sound Played While Clicking In Inventories: ENTITY_ENDERMAN_TELEPORT
  Prevent The Redeeming of a Kit When Inventory Is Full: true
  Display Chance In Preview: true
  Currency Symbol: $
  Exit Icon: OAK_DOOR
  Buy Icon: EMERALD
  Glass Type 1: 7
  Glass Type 2: 11
  Glass Type 3: 3
  Replace Glass Type 1 With Rainbow Glass: false
  Do Not Use Glass Borders: false
  Download Needed Data Files: true
  Language Mode: en_US
  Debugger Enabled: false
    ammount: 25
    type: SPELL_WITCH

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I give out free kits with a delay?

Set the buy price to 0, and turn the delay on.

 How do I hide specific kits from the kit gui?

Add them to the blacklist in the Kit Editor under GUIOptions.

 Why can't I change the /Kits GUI icon for my kit?

You can! Look in the Kit Editor under GUI Options.

 How do I add a delay to my kits?

Type the command /uk edit (kit name) second you would click General Options Option the last step click the Delay Option. (The delay is in seconds example 24 hours is 86400 in seconds)

Available Translations

We offer translated versions of this plugin!  In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.

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LanguageLanguage code

Still need help?

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